What If Crashlands Had Multiplayer?

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This Thread is For Off-Topic Use,and May Give the devs an idea for a future crashlands update

My Ideas if CL had Multiplayer Implemented:

1: Players Would Be Able To Change The Color of Their Armor (not craftable armor but the beginning suit and such)

2: Players Can Trade Resources Or Duplicate Items To The Connected Players

3: Players Can Friend Each Other,in case the group wants to play together in a future session.

4: Host's Pets CAN Follow Other Players,but the player that wants a certain pet to follow must request (Example: Acidninja Wants To Use Mr Squishy The Glidopus. Allow Pet To Follow This Player?)

5:Players That Are Far Away From A Telepad that Aren't in combat can request to be warped to the players current locations

If The Devs Do Implement this into CL,it would add more replay value, Plus What Are Your Ideas if CL had Online and Local Multiplayer added in? I would love to hear each idea from everyone :)

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[This has been asked many times; there won't be multiplayer implemented in Crashlands. Please use the search function in the future to avoid duplicate threads]

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Yep, we're definitely not doing multiplayer. Still, it's a fun thought exercise!

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