Software for the CL TRAILER

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I must do a few projects that involve COOL AND FROODY VIDS. I was wondering what software you guys used for the Crashlands trailer and whether it is FREEEEEEE or not. DON'T LET ME DOWN. Please.

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Maybe you could find something of interest here (ditch the "free and opensource licences if you also want commercial software).
Took a quick look because I'm interested too. I'd give OpenShot a try first (funny how they use google blog website for an opensource thing)

Quick review of their pages and promises:
  • Openshot looks good
  • Lightworks may cause a problem when you want to export the file (Vimeo and Youtube outputs only, not a problem if you can get the file on your computer, a bit more of a problem if it just uploads it for you)
  • VideoPad may do the job. However I don't remember why but I told myself to avoid NCH whenever possible
  • Free Video Editor ? Meh. As for VideoPad, maybe don't trust "free" stuff, when it's not opensource
  • Wax may be interesting if it has more effects to offer than other softwares
  • DaVinci Resolve is dedicated to color grading, but can also edit. And "Entry level DaVinci color correction software for use with third party panels." No idea what that means
  • ZS4 seems to be okay-ish too

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@bscotchsam would know!

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Cool :D

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We used Cyberlink Power Director. I think it's on v 19 or something now - updates a LOT. We got the $100 version or somesuch, since we needed something powerful enough. There are some free ones out there, but we'd used CPD a long time ago so it was a safe bet, timewise.

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