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It was mentioned briefly about Linux support in Ep 89 or 90 of the podcast and why there isn't any. First time post so if there was an Ep 89 or 90 post in the podcast forum that would be better suited for this post mods please "do the needful". I looked and didn't see one.

It's totally fair that Linux is a small fraction of users and a rough cost benefit analysis. There is perhaps an alternative that could require very little overhead on the BS dev side but service that small set of users. As an example Guild Wars 2, this is second or third or fourth hand info so grain of salt, apparently makes the game for Windows but ensures at least a basic level of functionality via the Wine project on Linux. You can see their Gold Wine rating here ... &iId=14130. Perhaps this idea is worth looking in to for BS to provide a method to support the folks using the free'erer operating system.

Towards that end I gave Wine(tried 1.8 stable and 2.0 dev) a shot with Crashlands(from The game actually installs and runs under Wine(on Ubuntu 16.04) up until getting hit by one of the pulsing pylons in the ship at the beginning of the game. The game then crashes with an error which I failed to record. I'll respond again later with this detail. I haven't had time to play with winetricks support packages to work out the error so there may already be a way to get the game working without BS dev involvement via the right libraries. I'll continue to work on this as I have time in the coming week.

Just thought I'd throw the idea out there and see if BS is interested or if the community can take the idea and find a way to make it work. BS Games on Linux would be most epicus.

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