What if multiplayer and scotch mixed together...

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I just saw the post that said that there was no multiplayer coming to Crashlands, which is fine, but gave me an idea. What if the amazing bscotch people made a game that took place on the beloved planet Woanope, but you were fighting in the great war Grammy describes in crashlands. You could form a team of either quadropus, tendrams, or any of the other sentient life and battle hewgo and the other hear guys! What do you think? Leave a reply of you like this idea! (Bscotch plead let me know what you think of this PLEASE!!!!!) :D :bslogo:

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Psst, look here and there ;)

Not exactly what you're looking for, but still it could be close enough :)

Also, Snuppy Rustlin is multiplayer BUT maybe not on Woanope.

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We definitely intend to keep making games in the same universe, though just how much they overlap with past games will very much depend on the game itself.

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"...will very much depend on the game itself."

Translation: Means it'll fit in somewhere, but they're making it up as they go so they'll work out how/when/where... when they get to it. XD

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