Angels - A (not even) one page story

Need to get something off of (or onto) your chest? Set it free!
Here it is, this one is an original, just for you, just began and finished now. The style is really different from The Reaper (yet the ending may be surprising). Sorry if it's weird I'm a bit tired.
The PDF link
The (very short) story:

They were flying
high in the sky. Angels. They were exactly how we pictured them. These majestic
birds appeared as mankind reached a new stage of its evolution: aponia and
ataraxia. Epicure’s dream was fulfilled. Yet, humanity could still change.
Scientists were convinced that the collective consciousness was the last stage.
Attaining this state meant attaining complete immortality both as a part of a
whole and as the whole.

Who knows
what would happen next? What would come after the angels? Would we become what
we always searched for?

Yet the
angels were flying. They were alone in the clear sky. No one will ever be able
to describe this beauty. Did we need it?

We watched
them for hours. We came back every day to see them in the air, as free and beautiful
as us. This life was perfect.

everything went black.

No more
battery. No more angels.

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