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Whoah so many games. Too bad I'm broke
for some free games, try hex wars and Feudalism 2

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FINAL FANTASY TACTICS[/quote]Yes. Great soundtrack, too. I've never managed to BEAT this game - I've lost my save SO MANY TIMES over the years.
For similar games, I would suggest which is a free game (that you can spend real money on if you want) which is pretty good, and the Pokémon Conquest game is really neat, too.

I like Civ V a lot, although I'd love to play it with other people for once.

If you want a game that is all about building/maintaining a community, like Sim City, or Prison Architect, take a look at Dwarf Fortress:
It is INSANE the amount of details you can deal with and the crazy situations that can arise out of it. Here is a story about things that could have and probably actually did happen IN-GAME:

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Hey Seifer, multiplayer?

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Banished by Shining Rick Software, all created, developed, updated.... everything by one guy. So far I've only managed to keep a stable population of about 150. Most I've had is 300-something before winter plagues hut. So frustrating but I find it enjoyable.
I like Prison Architect as well. Not so much a fan of Civ, I find it swings between either far too hard or so easy its boring so I dont play it often.
Old school SimCity (and 2000) were what got me started. I really want the new one and the expansion but its too far out of my budget right now.
Suprene Commander is a LAN favourite. So many memories with that. =D

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Supreme Commander is awesome. I bought it with Forged Alliance for 1€ (not even a single buck). Sadly, I've never managed to get my friends to do a LAN of it (or once for like, 30 minutes) and I'm not good enough for the campaign. Still it is an awesome game.

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Rimworld. Sci-fi storyteller driven game, at least that what it is in theory.

In practice. In practice its butchering your enemies and eating their flesh and drinking their blood because you have no food and your colonists are going mad.

And when that fails, there is only one thing left to do. Prepare some sticks, its going to be a hard and bloody night. Sticks, you ask? We will decide which one of us we're eating tonight, shortest stick means... you know what it means, brave ourselves.

And yeah, its either boring like hell or punishing as hell, its based on your skill.

And this game is super easily moddable, even i created some mods, and look at me, im a total dumbass! :D

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I reccomend VEGA conflict.

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