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Hey guys, my first post on this forum, yeey!

Ok, back to topic, i honestly recommend everyone to read Terry Pratchett's books about Discworld, there is a lot of them, there are 'series' about Death, mages, guards etc etc, they're a bit different, some are more serious, some are more funny and so on, for example books about guards are more criminal-like, about mages are more fantasy-like and Death... Well, Death is Death, books about him have that specific personality we - mortals - cant really describe.

Beside books from Discworld, The Long Earth (and The Long War, The Long Mars) is really good too, so grab'em if you like authors with sense of humor. And by the way grab some potatoes, you'll need some kind of a battery after all, if you want to experience The Long Earth.

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A few of my absolutely favorites:

Altered Carbon (+ Broken Angels + Woken Furies) - Richard K. Morgan - A really well realized future world where people can be downloaded into different bodies, in the noir style. Super violent, but such great writing (outside the sex scenes). Coming soon as a mini series to Netflix!

Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency (+ The Long Dark Tea Time of the Soul) - Douglas Adams - As good as you want it to be, you'll wonder why you hadn't already read it. Full of Douglas Adam's whimsy, humor and wit.

Ready Player One - Ernest Cline - If you like video games, movies, the 80s, or fun, you need to have already read Ready Player One. Or better yet, let Wil Wheaton read it to you.

The Martian - Andy Weir - One of the most laugh-out-loud books I've ever read. And I've read some very funny ones. Also totally compelling. And yes, even though you've already seen the movie, this is like the even better extended director's cut of same.

The Princess Bride - William Goldman - This man can write: it's no accident that the movie is super fantastic since the screenplay was written by the same man who originally wrote the novel. Er... I'm sorry, the same man that abridged the novel, originally by Mr. S. Morgenstern. Don't skip the foreward on this one.

Surely You're Joking, Mr. Feynman - Richard P. Feynman - I heartily enjoy a great many non-fiction books, but this one might take the cake. One of American's finest minds, if not always the finest human being, I dare you to read this and try to imagine the world where he hadn't been a part of it.

Already recommended, but seconded nonetheless:
Ender's Game
Snow Crash (I listen to this audiobook once a year at least)
The Diamond Age
And yes, everything else by Neal Stephenson
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy five book trilogy.

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