Musics ? What da ya like overhere ?

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Hello there,
I was wondering, there is a thread about books, an entire forum about games, but nothing about musics. So, here it is !
No needs to be exhaustive, just here to share some nice songs.

So, personally, I found my first favorites into video games. That's why quality is sometimes a little bit cheapy.

Mega Man 2 - Dr. Wily Stage 1 / 2Deus Ex - The Synapse
Deus Ex - UNATCO
Deus Ex - Main Title
Fire Emblem : Radiant Dawn - Eternal Bond
Fire Emblem - Together we ride
Starfox - Cornera Theme
Mario Kart 64 - Rainbow Road (check Mark Kump's version tribute to his uncle)
A theme for Monkey Island (this one is a nice cover to my mind)
Little Big Adventure 2 - Theme (around my really first video game)

When I was watching animes, I seen some good to me musics...

The jazzy Baccano's opening
Drrrrr / Durara / Durarara opening
Arrietty's Song (the singer is french by the way !!)
dothack OSTs, for example .hack//SIGN with the key of the twilight.
Initial D OST's, mostly great, for example Running in the 90's, full of energy !
Angel Beats comes with great songs as well, like Theme of SSS...
... and I discovered The Girls Dead Monster band into.

And, a friend show me this metal song, I found it nice :
ELUVEITIE - The Call Of The Mountains

I hope you just discovered good musics !
Now's your turn guys ! :smile:

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I'm a sucker for RPG OSTs. Chrono Trigger, Chrono Cross, Final Fantasy Tactics, Final Fantasy 6 come to mind. RPGs need great music since you're gonna hear it a TON; most play throughs take at least 20 hours. Also I love that there's commonly music for each character to help flesh them out. It's a very classical approach. Probably part of the reason RPGs are my favorite game genre.
I love jazz. My favorite jazz song ever is Milestones (new version) by Miles Davis. Cannonball Adderly does the my favorite jazz solo ever. I had to sing the whole thing by heart for a class in college once.
I love funk. Check out Parliament, especially their ridiculous 70s stuff like The Clones of Dr Funkenstein. Those concert videos are awesome. Gwar totally took notes from this band. Or if you want some rockabilly flair Cake does a cool blend of genres. Fashion Nugget and Prolonging the Magic are my fav albums.
I love classic, indie, and 90's rock. Weezer's Pinkerton is an overlooked but awesome album.
And for some reason I love Kiss From A Rose by Seal. It's my go-to for drunken Karaoke.

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Well THAT'S concise!

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kingdom hearts series
Call of duty
Batman Arkansas city
Saints row 4

Billy talent
Avenged sevenfold
Sum 41
Five iron frenzy
System of a down.
My Pandora station with Trans Siberia Orchestra and various Orchestra film scores.

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Was into metal, hard rock, melodic metal (it exists) and stuff. Official sites linked to the band names.

- Editors
- Morcheeba
- [url=http://]X Kito[/url] (not a band, but i like to listen to her 1 hour mixes)

And that's pretty all.

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Female vocals pretty much do it for me. Chvrches is really good, and Coeur de Pirate is one of my favorites. Read a thing on computer voices that found that men and women alike listen better to female voices than males. NOT SURE WHAT THAT'S ABOUT BUT I'M ROLLIN' WITH IT.

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Oh yeah, Coeur de Pirate. Forgot it. I must assume I loved the Child Of Light OST.

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Female vocals in a language you don't naturally speak are always appealing :). Or even in your native language but with an accent. I love me some Astrud Gilberto. I play "Dindi" in a manner similar to her version at all my jazzy gigs.

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