Short story - The story of Interstellar Travel

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Sooooo... It took me some time to translate this one, but i somehow managed to finish it.
This short is a small part of a world/universe i'm trying to slowly bring to life.
I was also wondering if you knew anything about intellectual property and things? Like, should I put a Creative Commons thing on it or an equivalent? Or is it safe to put the text "as is"?

Here is the PDF link
Here is the complete version (BEWARE: 3 pages and something in Word so it's pretty long - for a forum post at least)

History of
Interstellar travel (short version)

Interstellar Travel is one of the pillars
of modern humanity. It is undoubtedly the main reason humans still exist.

We won't detail everything here and
we are aware that we did some consequent approximations. The result is that it should
remain understandable by anyone.

The theory and its adaptation are indeed due to a sum of random events.

Everything begins with a single man whose name has been long forgotten.
He considered that "dark matter is
not matter
stricto sensu, but is a
result of interactions between our universe and another one or with some
It did not matter for him, since "antimatter presumably created a parallel universe." It
also justified the disappearance of all antimatter from our universe. His ideas
were remarkable furthermore when you considered that at his time, multiverse
existence was neither proved, nor accepted by a vast majority of scientists.

The second thing is the discovery of the multiverse that gave credit to
this idea and opened the way to new research branch: multiverse studies.

The second person who contributed to the Interstellar travel technology
was a scientist, whose name was also forgotten. He worked on a way to access
other universes by colliding two flows of highly energetic photons or by making
two neutrinos collide. That was almost impossible to do at this time. Instead he
ended up creating some antimatter and a huge amount of energy, in addition of
what was produced with the disintegration of the antimatter.

Nowadays we have determined that he created a microscopic wormhole to
another universe through a complex series of reactions.

He saw the destructive potential of this technology and chose to study
secretly his discovery rather than selling it, even if it had almost killed
him. He did not wanted to be the creator of a new level of mass destruction
weapon. His aim was to study antimatter. In fact, he went way deeper in the
subject. Sadly he died before his studies gave a result or something
interesting enough for his peers.

Some scientists tried to pursue his research but they never managed to
progress. Things changed with the creation of a space laboratory - way bigger
than the old ISS - and the venue of a new genius. He showed that the incredible
amount of energy produced by the disintegration of antimatter did not came only
from the antimatter.

The hard part was to determine the origin of this excessive energy.
Using multiverse theory and the experiments explained above, he proved that the
antimatter was not created but ‘attracted’
from another universe.
Latter experiments showed that it was originally the
same universe as ours (but made from antimatter) but it evolved completely
differently after a few million years.

A huge amount of theories followed. One of them was that it should be
possible to travel faster than light speed - in fact, completely independently
- by creating portals between universes. The basic scheme was that we could
pass through another universe to get from one point of our universe to another

This would have been impossible if interactions between universes were
linear, but it is not the case. Another scientist, during the same period,
proved that inter-universe interactions are extremely complex and intricate,
thus submitted to the butterfly effect. He still managed to reduce parameters
to the amount of energy to create the wormhole (or quantic bridge since only
the size differs) and the location. This extreme simplification came to the
cost of a huge lack of precision. In fact, travelers neither knew where they
would have arrived, nor if they would come back. Most often the pilgrims were
transported in the aimed solar system or close to it but it happened that some
vessels were found up to one light year to their supposed arrival point or even
lost in another universe.

Some times and experiences after, some men modified the equation to a
more complex, yet way more effective one. Factly, above a certain amount of
energy, most of the parameters became negligible. By using this equation and
knowing the entrance point, the pulse frequency of the energy shot and the
distance from the machine to the entrance point, it was easy to determine a
precise arrival point. As a safety measure, only the scientists who took part
in these experiments were aware of their existence. Public was kept away.

Then came the first human travel to another universe. It took some time
because a huge amount of energy was required to open a hole of a human size,
and scientists did not wanted to risk human lives.

The story behind this first travel is that a man said "Fuck it, I'm going in." and jumped
through the wormhole wearing a space suit with a cable to get back to our
universe. Apparently, the wormhole was leading to an exoplanet of another
universe which had similar physical laws. His jump lasted 5 minutes and 38

At his return, he described "a
world pretty close to ours by the way it seems to work, but far less developed.
Vegetation was huge and able to defend itself. Animals were - on the contrary -
really small and their diet consisted in the remains of dead plants. Also,
animals were hiding from plants. They seemed to be aware of the danger. And the
colors and the shapes were... Incredible… I was really in another world, in
another universe. You can't believe it exists if you haven't seen it

After this first jump, many others tried to follow the path, either for
the sake of discovery or some glory. Most of them never came back. The stories of
the others could have been hallucinations from a crazy person, but it was - almost
always - the truth.

Theories were soon confirmed. Every single possibility is contained
within a particular universe, and physical laws can completely change. The
smallest change could give a universe in which no human could ever go. And
these changes affected from the smallest atom to the complete universe.

Entering some universes meant instant death by many ways (mainly the
unviability of our molecular structures in the other universe), or simply
imprisonment (in many universes, physical laws prevented any return). Even if legislation
was created fastly after the relative democratization of these "universe
jumps", some people seem to have exiled themselves in other universes for
a reason or another. As a reminder, these laws states that a man must not stay
in another universe. One might use other universes as part of interstellar
travel; scientists might travel to other universes but only a short amount of
time and only to complete their studies.

A specific law was created to put limits on interstellar travel: a
traveler must only use interstellar travel to move, not to go in the past or in
the future. In other words, time travel was forbidden. It came with the new
technologies that gave access to interstellar travel to everyone and with a
great precision. Yet the law was tolerant, since the minimal time precision
authorized was at half a day. This means you could get half a day in the past
or the future during your jump.

After the fall of human civilization on earth, gigantic vessels were
sent on space to save humanity and discover new worlds to inhabit. All of them
had an interstellar travel system but a few of them had a state of the art
system to discover, explore and list livable planets. Some colonized planets
almost immediately; others explored the universe for a long time. The last bit
of the fleet became travelers that wandered at the end of the universe (using the
advanced recycling and regulated closed ecosystems technologies to live indefinitely
on their own).

After some time, stellar portals were constructed to link colonies one
to another. Once the future of humanity was safe and many planets colonized,
vessels were reused for a big part as goods and humans transports. The rest
became exploration vessels. The travelers never stopped wandering, and
restlessly travel throughout the universe, bringing incredible knowledge and
extremely rare materials to colonies they visit.

So, here is the long story of interstellar travel from its beginning to
our times summed up in a few words.

Please keep in mind that the aim
here was to explain interstellar travel and its history as simply as possible.
It also implies some simplifications and approximations.

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This is pretty awesome. Well done. I'm a sucker for this kind if science fiction, especially with well thought out space/time/alternative universe travel.

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Going to read this tonight!

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@PattyC Thanks! :smile:

@BscotchSeth Awaiting for your feedback sir!

In fact, this short is an explanation created to justify why humanity colonized planets and stuff, for I have some stories that could be in the same universe. However, other stories related to this one would be somewhat more mainstream and focused on action rather than description. Yet i may add some shorts like this one to explain some concepts.
Here are some more explanation, it's bonus.

There would be - for now - a small novel called Giants and a scenario for a game that would be a part of something called Hybrids plus some other concepts, like Happy Death Day (i just love this concept but everything is written on a paper for now) and other things.
Now that I think about it, one of the next text could be the depiction of a HDD.

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