New Short story ! Happy Death Day

Need to get something off of (or onto) your chest? Set it free!
I've had this one for a consequent time on my phone. It may still be full of mistakes and things like that but that should be possible to read it without losing blood through your eyes. Beware, this one is pretty violent. Like a "Happy Death Day" could be violent. Note that it is not the only text related to the HDD, but this is the only one to be in English.
Here is the PDF
And here is the long text (it is really long sorry):

been selected to participate in next week's Happy Death Day! You know the date;
you know where to go so let's go! We'll see you in a week. Your presence is

That's how
it begins... FUCK!!! I'm not even 30 yet! It's not my time! I fucking don't get
it! Why do they need to regulate the population on such a crappy colony!?
There's enough room for everyone!

Death Day! The day to die, but beautifully! Choose how you want to die; we have
absolutely everything you can dream of! We even have some counsellors if you
can't decide between hanging, jumping from 1 kilometer high or putting a bullet
in your head! With the HDD, we make all your dreams come true!"

I have a
week to live. Yet I must not leave my work and I'm still submitted to every
law. Basically, I'm going to live a boring everyday life, knowing that in a
week I'll be killing myself. The only pro is that I can imagine the suicide I

for your HDD:

- You have
a complete day to kill yourself. After that, you'll be arrested and imprisoned.

- You must
not kill someone else if it is not his wish. If you do so, you'll be

- You are
free to choose any death. However if you have a really special request, you
must contact the organization so we can prepare everything for you.

- If you
kill yourself before the HDD, your body, family and friends will receive a
special treatment.

Dying during your HDD is meant to be fun. As you can imagine, if imprisonment
is a punishment, it means that it is FAR WORSE THAN DYING. Have a nice

I have only
two days left. I didn't want to sleep anymore so I went to a bar. I encountered
a girl who was "nominated" for the same HDD as me. A young, beautiful
creature. Such a pity she needed to die too. We agreed to live together until
the end, with everything this implies. I must admit that having sex while
you're desperate is an amazing experience. We had sex, over and over, and we
did way more kink things that I could ever dream of. Yet I can't get rid of the
idea that I'm going to die.

Tomorrow morning it's your day!"

Fuck it!
Fuck it! This girl was the first interesting thing in my life and she will be
the last... It's unbearable! I have less than a day now! At least I won't go

and welcome to your Happy Death Day! You certainly remember the rules so just
get in! If you are ever unsure about anything, you may ask the staff. Don't
forget to have a nice day!"

I'm in now.
With her. We agreed on killing ourselves an hour before the end. We have more
than twenty hours.

the day begin!"

We explore
the place for an hour. There are many places of interest: weapons in a place,
sex in another one, extreme jumps, cars, animal feeding, death sentence-like...
Organized by thematic districts (the same activity can be found in more than
one district).

your time to explore! We don't want you to do a bad choice, since it'll be the

The first
dozen deaths come from the weapons district. Mainly violent ones. We see liters
of blood on the ground from those who put a bullet in themselves. But this was
only the beginning. Just after this, it is limbs and bones. Two or three
persons chose to die with a grenade. My girlfriend puke in front of this
massacre, adding her fluids to theirs. Mine follow. She kisses me.

don't know why... But this excites me!"

I take a
step back... Yet I'm feeling the same.

don't give a shit if it is disgusting! I just want to do it right there and
right now!"

I tear her
clothes apart. She's going to finish the day completely nude. It doesn't
matter. An instant after, I'm inside her.

me in this bloodbath! I want to bath in the blood!"

At what
point fantasy becomes craziness and disturbance? Someone comes. He wants to do
like the others but stops when he sees us. He stands still for a minute while
we fuck.

on! Kill yourself and cover us with your blood! You want it!"

This guy is
too stunned to refuse. He opens his throat with a knife over us. He loses more
than half of his blood before he falls on us. I puke once again. All over her.
She doesn't even seem to notice. My stomach hurts like hell.

no more the time to be gentle with me anymore! Just use me as you want!"

I do as she
says. When I finish, we are both completely exhausted and covered in blood and
other fluids. I don't know why, but I put my clothes back on, while she stays
with her rags.

you're still unsure of what to do, you still have twenty hours to decide! Take
your time to look around and choose the best way to leave this world."

After that,
we visit the place. The discrete death district, dedicated to hanging,
poisoning, various ways of stopping your heart or brain functioning is more
popular than the weapon one. It seems that people want to die somewhat softly.
We don't stay in too long. Even if their deaths look less violent, the screams
and convulsions of the people dying there convinced us that it was not the best

sixteen hours for you to decide! Just remember to die before the time is

We pass
fastly through the food and drink related district. It's ridiculously pathetic
to see persons that drank or ate so much that they're dying on the floor. Once
again, that's not how we want to die, even though I took a few bottles in case
we need some courage. The next step in our exploration is the vehicle district.
Nothing special to say here, except that there is everything you need: from
bicycles (I was surprised with this one) to planes, including gliders, cars,
motorcycles, parachutes and so on. There is even someone to fly the plane if
you don't know how to take off. A car crash is an option we considered. There
are even some replicas of cars from the fuel era when we don't even use cars
anymore. That would be pretty nice.

hours before the deadline! Remember to have fun, but not too much!"

The area is
huge. We do almost everything by foot. We have enough time. Strangely, we
should need rest but it's not the case. We're tired but the clock pushes us to
take advantage of every single second.

hours! If you're still alive, you should kill yourself quickly. Our studies
show that after this time, it's harder for you to commit suicide and we can't
stress you enough that dying is your best option!"

We're in
the last district we want to see: sex related one. We were really interested at
first but we changed as soon our mind. This is not sex. It's a real butchery. I
was wondering how one cod die by sexual activities. Turns out it's is the most
extreme form of sex. Nearly a hundred persons chose to die here. There are some
big categories: insane penetration, where people insert insanely huge objects
in themselves that tear their body apart until they die; contact poisoning in
which people had sex coated with poison that slowly killed themselves; last is
the mutilation place, some kind of extreme sadistic/masochistic place where
people ask to be mutilated. A huge amount of everything that makes the human
body is scattered from the floor to the ceiling. A mix of blood, sperm, puke,
crap and piss. The smell is sufficient to make us puke, adding some more filth
to the place.

four hours for you to die! Move on or you'll be imprisoned!"

I think it
is time for us to decide. She's faster than me.

do you want to die?"

I consider
the options based on what I saw today.

"A car
crash could have been nice but it's too risky. Guess that death by a firearm is
the best thing to do. You kill me and I kill you."

She doesn’t
even answer with words but she heads towards the weapon district.

you only have an hour and a half left! Die quickly or suffer badly!"

finally here. It is time to leave this world. We've chosen our weapons. A
laser-based shotgun, conceived to kill instantly when fired at short range.
She'll kill me and I'll kill her. We're already in position when she speaks.

I'm not really nominated for the HDD."

I don't say
a word.

fact, I work for them. There's a program for people under 30. For those who
always acted correctly, there's a small chance that they have someone to accompany
them until the end. I am one of those companions and you're a lucky guy."

With every
word she pronounces, I feel my jaw dropping a little more.

you'll probably have descendants. My job isn't to get pregnant, but some people
have to bear children. It's one of the ways to maintain population on this

I don't
have the words.

I'm going to kill you, as you wished. Remember. Don't kill me or you're going
to suffer the consequences. Now close your eyes and I'll count up to

I do as she


At least I
had some awesome moments right before the end.


It is the



I always
wondered... Do I love this job or did I choose it to stay alive?

I mean,
doing whatever I want one week, working the next week. By working, it means two
things. One: having sex and doing what I please for six days, so it's like not
working at all. Two: the death part. Neither seeing limbs and blood nor killing
someone ever annoyed me. I'm not a crazy psycho. I'm just different and willing
to survive.

This one
completely ripped my clothes though. At least he was really nice and able with
his hands. I won't regret him. I'm not paid to love. I have one week until the
next lucky guy.

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This reminds me of a crazy, violent, and sexual version of a Kurt Vonnegut short story I read. Think it was from Bagumbo Snuffbox. It's always interesting to consider what life will be like in a world of overpopulation. I like the twist, thanks for sharing!

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@PattyC? That's a pleasure :smile:
Even if I would love to be able to live on writing stories, it is (sadly) out of question for now (and probably pretty hard for then). I have some plans for the long time future though.

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