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Hello everyone! Here is the begining of a short. I'll try to write more of this one if you're interested (even if you're not but then I may not share it) in a few time.

For now I'm more or less self-translating another short (from French to English so it takes some time and looses some quality in the process).

Here it is:

"I will never surrender!"

That was the last words I heard from her mouth. She simply disappeared after that...
No-one was able to catch her.

A few weeks passed. As she promised, nobody linked me to her actions. Then I received a
letter. A simple letter. Even if the handwriting wasn't hers, I knew she had left a hidden message for me.

Her strategy was easy to get - she had meant to. She simply used an invisible ink
on another letter (probably written by one of her "friends").

It's content:

"You know I'm not responsible about all this. Please give me some time so I can clean this mess up. You are the only one I can rely on and I have faith in you. I hope you'll understand me."

I'm almost certain she knew I would give her some time, even if she didn't ask. Yet I like the attention.

Why do I know her?

The answer isn't glorious. She saved my ass during a mission. She got out of nowhere and she neutralized a man that was about to shoot me. She also helped me framing the person I was after.

I owe her my life but even if she hadn't saved me, I would have changed nothing. That's stupid to say, but I also find her pretty attractive.

I guess I'll wait and see what she's up to.

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Here is a complete version. I have no computer under the hand right now so you'll have to read the PDF version. Il try to put the text on the forum one day or another (no guarantees). ... 4.pdf?dl=0

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WOOO! I'll check this out a bit later. Thanks dude!

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