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Hello guys! I just wanted to [s]brag[/s] show you my second Inkscape drawing and know what you think of it. I used a model for the base line (face and eyes). The rest was made freely.


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She is beautiful!! Haha! That looks pretty damn awesome! You seem to have spent quite a lot of time on that hair though since it has so much detail. I must say that that's pretty well done! However, criticism is inevitable hehe! The hair slightly goes haywire around the middle and her forehead is weird. I don't know why but maybe you should add some hair there or something. You could also try making it a slightly more straight line or something so it doesn't look as big and... hairless.Overall, it's better than anything I could do in that bloody software haha!!

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The model helped a lot I think. Thanks for the input I'll look at it :)

If anyone bothers to read this and if
you'd like to (MAYBE) see your re-drawn face and send a pic of your face
to a PERFECT STRANGER (face and side by the way), contact me by PM. Some guys like to live dangerously.
Basically, if someone is interested:
I may improvise myself as an artist for a project I have with @CBenoit? so
if I ever get this face-drawing thing done, it may be used in this
project. That's the ultimate goal but I make no guarantees of any kind.
that I won't use anything without your consent or for any other purpose
if you ever take part in this thing by sending me a pic.

@B3A5T? I tweaked a few things and I have understood what you meant BUT
- As for the forehead it would kinda require me to redraw/modify a big part of the drawing (aaaaand I'm kinda lazy sometimes, plus I often work in one-shots and then just bring some tweaks... Bad habit I guess).
About the hair... DAMN YOU'RE RIGHT. The problem is that hair is
overlapping weirdly but I don't know how to proceed. In fact I simply
drew some hair and then I simply filled the gaps with more hair. In
retrospection, it was probably a bad idea.
would require to re-order the different shapes but I don't really feel
like spending my time on this. I guess that I'll be more careful next
time and I'll follow a precise order (since this one was a simple try).
I still tried a little tweaking but I don't think that would fix what you saw.

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Hey! I'm digging this topic since I created it for my Inkscape stuff.


I present you Sessaï. She's a hybrid (Neko precisely).
She's a character from one of my stories and the first one to have her own portrait.
It is also my first 'serious' finished drawing using Inkscape (and only with a mouse), there should be more to come, as part of a bigger project.
There are still a lot of things I could do better, but I'll have to draw some more for that :)

Also, it took me an insane amount of time to obtain this result (many tries), but I think I'm understanding how to do it faster now.

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Well, staying in the practice side, here is a full body of Sessaï (the face two posts above)

If you're curious, here is the first version.

And I keep practicing.

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I really wish I could draw. I have zero artist talent. My dad can draw and I got none of it. I envy those who can draw.

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Fortunately it isn't an inherited behavior ;)

Sam couldn't draw either, now after two years of hard work he just crushes all of our art needs.

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Everything just takes practice. There's really no such thing as a natural talent; it does exist but it is extremely rare. Every single artist I know got where they are by just pacticing.

"The difference between the master and the beginner, is that the master has failed more times then the beginner has even tried.: ~Unknown

Just have to fail a lot before you get "good". :3

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Yeah and Inkscape can be nice depending on what you want since you can rework your shapes and all.

The thing I did not mention is that it took me a few hours to get the face done (plus some tweaks after) and again a few hours to get the body done. It would not surprise me that I spent 10+ hours on this...
And Sam just motivated me to get drawings done. THANKS SAM BY THE WAY!

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