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Game prototype - New version

Talk about anything and everything game dev-related here!


Here it is:

Things you need to know
- Use your directional arrows to move the camera

- Quit the game with the red cross

- You make money based on the sum of your Economic forces

- The 4 "Player territories" (the ones in the corners) have fixed values for their forces (military, economic and diplomatic), the other territories have random forces.

What changed:
- Corrected bugs

- Added a text-based tutorial (yeah! stuff to read!)

- Added a basic end that sends you back to the menu.

Why I am doing this
I am currently studying in a three-year university thing (called Licence in my country). We basically do everything: Litterature, Arts, Sciences and Social Sciences. It simply rocks.
Each semester we have new courses organized around a THEME. This semester is "Margins, Limits, Frontiers". And we have to produce a paper/dissertation/thing (free form) talking about the theme each semester.
Right now, you should have understood. A strategy game is just the PERFECT THING for this semester. So I made a game (also because I'm the only one taking gaming and technology seriously in my class so geeky/gamer stuff is my signature). Using GDevelop.

The thing is: I have close to no programming skill and the teacher who will play it isn't a gamer. Not even a casual gamer. So I tried to keep things rather simple.
Thus, I don't need the game to be balanced (for now at least) and the game must be heavily guided so I won't loose him.
So if it's not balanced and the gameplay is kind of a pain in the ass, please do not worry.

The only thing I'll try to add for now is the graphic part. Maybe more maps but I put it in the section under here.

Planned stuff:
I probably won't touch it for some time right now since I have other stuff to do, but I'm planning on getting back to it when the rest is done. Here is a list of my goals

- More maps (should be doable rather fastly)

- Balancing the game

- Modifying the gameplay to make it a bit deeper (like: buying a territory will reduce the economic and military forces because rebellion; some randomness in the battles...)

- Make the current UI better AND creating another UI/game system for players (so easier to use)

- Sound effects and music

- Storytelling

- Online multiplayer & local AI (maaaaybe)

- Stuff?

Feel free to test and give some feedback! And this should be playable right now :)

--- Under this line, the old post. Only if you're curious.

I made a game! Kind of.

In fact, it is an extremely early version and I was wondering if some of you would test it a bit? (Please?)

I already have improvements ideas like:
- GRAPHICS and an actual UI (I'll do them after, because at the time I wasn't sure to get the game done)
- Another, lighter gameplay version/interface. This one is heavy but the aim is to prevent the player to be lost (I made the game for a ~60 years old non-playing teacher, as part of a work to do). It should be playable on tactile surfaces too.
- Maps with more territories! (up to 21)
- DEEPER gameplay I mean, I'll probably keep the basics as is but try to make it a bit better and more 'complex'. I am open to ideas
- Sounds?
But I'd like to have a correct basis before going further.

The only hints I'll give you: arrow keys + mouse. Leave with the close the window to quit.
I voluntarily did not translate the buttons (I did it for the text), but that shouldn't be a problem.
Here is a quick feedback thingy if you're feeling really nice:
- Were you able to pass the menu?
- Were you able to play?
- Did you understand the mechanics?
- Is the English version correct?
- Any other thing to say?
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-after one game of complete cluelessnes (didn't understand that i controle 2 people at first) i tried again and i think i know now how it works at least somewhat. Somezimes the game does strange things like making me able to buy troops for regions i don't own and also corrupt the ones i own. Does this game have an in game ending right now?
-the english version is fine when the buttons are translated it would be even better but even with almost no french knowledge they are understandable
-looking forward to see what it turns out to be :)
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Thanks you two!

@bsb333 Nope, no ending at all. NOT YET. It is really the -1 state of the thing ^^

@BscotchAdam I hesitated some time before putting it here but I must admit I needed people to click randomly around everywhere more than anything else (hoping to get some feedback like bsb333's, that pointed out a few bugs) :roll:
I take good note of all your remarks and I'll work on it ! :)

I think I'll stick to basic graphics (minimalist) to get it done and I think I can't handle the UI stuff with anything else than GDevelop (what I'm using. It's an all-in-one so no language needed, for the best and the worst).
For 'online' multiplayer, I'll wait to have something correct and I think I'll be needing help but on the idea it would be more peer-to-peer (the server is the host) than centralized on a specific server and it would "simply" require sending the game's state (controlled territories and stats). In theory.

Also, there's an integration of tools to compile the game in HTML5 too (so web), and even a way to package the thing for Android and iOS (but harder).

I'm not certain to have understood everything but that should answer, I think. And more info coming when I have time, likely Sunday in France :)

Thanks again!

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Hey guys! It took me a freakin' while but I updated the thing AND the first post, with more details.
By the way I'm doing this post because I was wondering if an edit makes the post appear with new content.

- There shouldn't be bugs anymore (or only a few)

- Added a tutorial (text to explain what each button does)

- Added an "end". Basically you have "Player X won" and you get sent back to the menu. But it's something.

I "just" have to make the graphical part now...
More elaborate stuff could be nice too but FOR NOW I have other things to do.

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Yeah so it was a rather good idea to post again something.

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