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Hey guys. I don't feel like flooding twitter or facebook when I get excited over little things that I get completed on my projects, cause I start a lot of them, and end up never finishing due to laziness and falling out of interest in them. SOOOOooooooooo..... I figured I'd post my stuffs here. It seems a little slow in this sub forum anyway.

So, about the game. Right now, there is a lot of interest in survival games, like h1z1 and Day Z obviously. Well, I think it sucks that the whole "zombie" part of "zombie survival" games isn't really there. It's kind of just an undertone. Largely you aren't surviving "zombies", but other players, and I'd like to make a survival game where the monsters are a threat rather then a cheap underlying factor.

As such, I've been working on a game in my spare time (as usual), and figured some people may want to follow it or something, to see how far I get, and as stated, I'd like to just post about my excitement over little things that the average person thinks is nothing (like smooth server authenticated user movement), but other devs may appreciate for how hard some things can be for a novice like myself.

Anyway, I'd like to have more then just zombies. I want to have a flurry of creatures. I'd like zombies, but also more. For instance, I'd like vampires (like.... scary monstrous ones, like this guy!/content/12790 ), mermaids (as a way to not let you into larger bodies of water), Minotaur, Skeletons, etc. To be honest, I don't know how far I'll get. I always seem to leave that little disclaimer on my projects I guess.

Well, I guess onto the current status. A little overview, at the beginning of the night, I had server authenticated user movement, a decent quality test area, and client side item spawning. Pretty decent start.

Tonight, I made the inventory server authenticated. So item spawns are done on the server, and generated to all connected users. I may have to change this down the line. Right now, all items will spawn for everyone, and that could cause lag, and also may make it where some players could follow players by watching what items are picked up and where, thus leaving a breadcrumb trail. I'll likely limit these inventory updates to only happen if a player is in range of another player.

Beyond just items spawning over the network now, inventories also work across the network. Again, this may have to be limited to only the one client and the server. There were some hacking apps that showed what inventories people had in games like DayZ, and this can be prevented by only allowing the client to know what it's own inventory is. But hey, it works. :D Server authenticated inventory.

Last thing I want to say is that I have a Trello board set up for this game. And I've been slacking on doing things with the game, but since I have this list of things to be done on Trello, I've decided to try (like really try) to get one thing marked off the list every day. I don't know if this is really a smart goal, but I figure one item off the list a day is a good way to try to get things rolling.

Anyway, That's my massive start post with this. As things get a bit further, I'll start adding in pictures/gifs/videos and such to let you guys follow my work a bit more. Hopefully I keep too it. :D
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It seems that you have a rather big project here!
I'm curious to see where it leads you :)
Best of luck and motivation to you!

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Awesome! Do you have a video? Might be cool to get a "developer diary" video with voice-over commentary so we can see all this cool stuff in action.

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Seems pretty interesting! I'm looking forward to see what you're going to create. Good luck :D

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@bscotchseth No video yet. There's not a ton as far as gameplay at the moment, You can walk around (as capsules) and pick up things. At this point you can't drop/equip/use anything, you can only pick it up. I can make a video if you'd like though.

It is a big project, but I wouldn't have started it if I didn't think it could be done. If you break it down into smaller sections it's not that big. I mean, there's only really 3 major elements, inventory/crafting, player vs player, and player vs environment (zombies and such). I'll add other smaller sections as needed (vehicles, building/restoring, etc).

I should also mention that I plan on this to work with the oculus rift. I don't know how much of an advantage/disadvantage it will be to have it in there, but the menus and such are being designed to where you can use the menus with the rift on. I suppose I should say VR in general, but nothing else has really released anything except on mobile markets.

Really, if you do the menus right, Rift support is very simple to add. Literally drag and drop in unity. :D So don't worry about that eating into development time.

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Ok, so, Seth wanted a video... He gets a video.

As stated before though, not much done yet in all honesty. I even somehow managed to break picking up items on the client side.

I did add a basic username system and way to update the player name on both client and server. Eventually these functions will be used to load/save player data. In fact, that's what I was intending to do tonight, but really I need a registration and login system to do it properly. For now a simple textbox will have to do.

I also found a bug and fixed it, where server authentication wasn't "actually" working. I was sending back the same position that the player was giving to the server rather then what the server thought as to the player's position. All the data was there, just the client end wasn't getting the right data sent back.

Either way, fixed and is shown working in the video. And about the video... It may have been drug out a little. It is almost 2am at the time of making the video, so yeah.... I'm quite tired, and can't think well, so saying my words may not have been the best in the video.

As stated, I'm going to "try" to tick off at least one thing from my list o' things to do per night. I may try to do a video per night too, but I'll probably just do these little blog like posts here every night, and then do a video every week or something to update and show off everything.

Anyway, that's all for tonight. Let me know what you think.

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A video a week seems a good objective indeed :)
That could be fun to troll people on your server, like "Oh sorry, did I throw you in a horde of crazy monsters? My mouse had a bug."
Anyway if you need long distance testing (for ping/connectivity maybe), I enlist!

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Eventually, sure, at the moment, I hardly have anything that can be considered a game.

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What software do you use for 3D models? Blender, 3ds Max or Maya?

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Any art is all from the unity asset store actually. The ui and such I just did in photoshop in a few seconds. I don't do much 3d modeling, but I usually use Blender simply cause it's free, and just as powerful as everything else. Maybe not quite as intuitive of an interface as maya or 3d studio max, but it gets the job done. I really don't know why there is a harsh criticism of people that use blender in the "professional" arena of game development, but I don't really mind what people use if it's with Unity since it simply just works. Also if you export properly it shouldn't matter what program you used to make it.

It's kind of like the "Elite" coders that look down on you if you use java or c# instead of c++. If it does what you need it to, what does it matter what it's programmed in or what tools were used to develop it. I mean look at minecraft. Java is not really known to be a game programming language (not main stream anyway), and sure, I give it crap for being programmed in java, but it works for what it is, and to be quite honest, it works really well.

Going back in the conversation for a bit, for the time being, I'm going to use cheap/free assets to get the code in order enough to show gameplay and go from there. I suppose I should be thinking about the art stuff a bit more, but I know I won't be able to do the quality I'd want for this, so I'm not even going to waste my time trying. Honestly, even stuff on the asset store won't be what I need.

I'm hoping to have it run well enough and use a custom occlusion culling like system to have all buildings have every room able to be entered. Including things like sky scrapers and the like. Probably a bit over ambitious on that matter, but world feel fake when you can't enter all the rooms of a building.

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