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That's the issue I have with all of my projects, no timeline. I largely sit in the hell of do I relax after a full days work, or work on a game, or work on my gloves. (gloves have been put off way to far.) I'm also horrible about forcing myself to push into things. After I get started working on something for the day, I work on it pretty much until I can't think straight from lack of sleep, but getting myself to do it... not so easy.

Tonight though, I have plans of putting my 3d printer together (in hopes of using it for glove prototype like things. I'm thinking about trying to make it a little easier to pickup and use as well as support different hand sizes by doing so. My niece couldn't use my vr gloves for the simple fact the glove is my hand sized. So this is something I've been needing to do to it from the beginning.)

Who knows, maybe I'll have it back up and running soon.

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