Alternative "Animation" (for images) Software?

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Well, technically not "animation", but I want to make some of my images animated, perhaps for wallpapers and such. I just have a ton of sketches that need some movement to them, BUT I'm currently arguing with a [censored] on my art page about how "Flash" is on it's way out.

Yes, I'm aware, so many security exploits that both Chrome and Firefox are giving it the flick. HOWEVER, the program Adobe Flash (which has other output formats) is still good for animations, right? I mean, I've been watching a ton of tutorials lately and getting a ton of inspiration. And I have used it before, though yes it was for flash output which was imbedded in websites at the time (I have since very much given up doing that because it's a shitty option for multiple reasons).

SO, question is... are there alternative programs that allow you to animate images in a similar fashion to Adobe Flash? Something better that's easy enough for beginners to grasp? I admit, I'm not very good at animations. I've made a few using the animation function in Photoshop (yay keyframes), but they were very basic by traditional standards.

Just thought I'd throw that out there and see if anyone has any ideas?

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The main advantage of Adobe Flash is probably the insane amounts of tutorials (I think).

You probably already saw this page: (scroll down to 2D Animation)
After some other googling (or Ecosia-ing) I found a few things: Toonboom (paying, probably pretty great),
Tupi (free and maybe even opensource),
Synfig (open source, seems really complete and powerful),
Spriter (both free and paying versions, more game-oriented I think).

Anyway, I guess that the best is to take a look and try them...

Edit: There's also:
Anime Studio
that may interest you.

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Meant for animating 2D game stuff, but could be perfect if you're goal is to turn static images into animations.

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I'm going to try them out since I'm also interested in animating stuff (on the long term).

If you like I'll try to sum up each soft positive and negative points here :)

From a very quick look (I'll edit when I test a new soft)
- Tupi is a frame by frame software: you have to make all the modifications by yourself. Supports .svg import but it seems you can't edit the nodes to animate (so it seems you have to draw everything in-engine, or to make small parts to animate them separately). Supports tweens. In engine drawing looked pretty limited. Supports Onion stuff. Export worked... weirdly? But it worked in video.

- Synfig supports keyframing and does it automatically. Svg files can be imported and you can use nodes. In engine drawing kinda sucked. Supports a weird bone system (character only). Supports Onion stuff. Could get something done but it was a pain to export (main export format is .png and I didn't find how to export and read a video format)

- Pencil is a frame by frame software. Supports both raster (pixel-based) and vector drawing. Can't import SVG. Works simply but efficiently. Could get something done rather quickly and easily.

EDIT: I won't try the paying softwares right now. Since those would be trial versions, I'd try to test them whenever I feel like spending hours on it :)
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