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As many of us know, developing a game without an engine or game making tool is a pain in the donkey. Game engines can be newbie friendly, such as GameMaker, or made for professionals like Unity are vital to developing games at a fast pace. Game engines take out a lot of the low level work involved in making a game. Imagine the days before game engines. Early Atari programmers had to take EVERYTHING into consideration. Everything from knowing how to program for either NTSC or PAL to handling scanlines on TVs. I know some may argue that GameMaker is not an engine but this is not the place to discuss that. Let's instead talk about our favorite engines!

My favorite by far is GameMaker. I haven't used it since probably GameMaker 3. However, it makes games super fast and easy to make. Newbies can drag and drop to make gamea, while pros can use the powerful GML scripting language to make very professional looking and awesome games (like Crashlands!). My second favorite isn't really and engine but more of a module for Python called PyGame. Its great for teaching people in a fun way on how to program in Python. It's also a lot of fun to use as an expert Python user to make pretty neat games.

Anyways, what is YOUR favorite game engine or game development software? If you do not use any of these then what do you use to make games?

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I guess I have two, but it may change in some time.

- 2D things, GDevelop! It's a software where you don't have to program anything. You have a window to create and put your objects, another window to code. It's based on events (Conditions -> Actions). You can choose Conditions and Actions from a huge list based on some categories. I used that some time ago
- 3D stuff: UDK! It was the free version of the Unreal Engine 3, pretty nice and easy to use in my opinion. Plus there was an awesome French tutorial to learn it

However, I acquired Game Maker Pro some time ago (through the Humble Bundle), so this summer I'll try to learn how to use it (if I don't get a job or an internship) :)
And since I plan on getting a new rig (my current one is 2009 mid-end stuff, so it sucks), probably as soon as the new GPUs are out, I think I'll try and mess around with Unity/Unreal Engine 4/Cryengine.

I'm not fond of "real" programming with lines of code and such so I'm trying to avoid it (even if I can program)

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I think it always depends on your goals.

If you want to really dig into the guts of stuff and reinvent the wheel for fun, then just go with C++ and make your own!

If you want to churn out professional quality games at a good pace, then Unity for 3D and Game Maker for 2D.

If you want to give Amazon a whole bunch of money to use networking elements, then Lumberyard!

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