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Once a sprite gets small, there's not a lot you can do to prevent pixelation (there are, after all, very few pixels). This is a concern with vector art because you design in a pixel-free environment -- you have to make design choices that will scale well when in pixel form (e.g. bold lines, no tiny details).

It's possible that down sampling algorithms in other software will do a bit better, in which case exporting high res and then batch scaling would be the way to go!

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That's true. In my post I thought about pixelart style games.

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Appreciate the help and quick responses here. Sounds like I'll just need to apply greater emphasis towards accounting for scaling when designing the look and style of my assets.


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The other possibility is to try out a bit all possibilities to make your own point of view. It takes more time though ^^

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So if you are going to use inkscape I would probably recommend creating it the size in inkscape the size you want it in the engine. So if in the engine you want it 32x32 go ahead and make it in inkscape 32x32 or you can even make it bigger and scale it down in inkscape to 32x32 since if you scale it down in inkscape it will not distort.

Also it could be good to test the size you want by just using squares inside of gamemaker.

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