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So I decided it was finally time to not totally follow a tutorial and do a jam for the day to try and venture on my own a bit. The theme I got was "Not what it seems". First thing that came to mind was why not be a bad guy that shoots rainbow lasers at angels that become possessed. Majority of my time was still with tutorial videos but I had fun and learned a lot. Might do another one tomorrow :D.

A and D to move
Space to jump
LMB to shoot

Download link below. ... sp=sharing

Also I had trouble with high score saving after you exit and reopen lol

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That's really cool!

What's something that you learned from it?

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I learned how to do the high score system, even though it doesn't work to the fullest lol. Something else cool was learning how to spawn enemies from a certain point at random times and then creating basic AI that just goes to the player and shoots randomly. I am still learning though, but I love learning new stuff and challenging myself :D

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Keep it up!

Most people view a 48-hour game jam as a very tight time constraint. But really, if you just focus, you can get an INSANE amount of things done in 48 hours.

Doing one-day jams is even better for learning how to prioritize systems to work on, and how to find the path-of-least-resistance toward getting things done. Great work!

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Yeah I am going to try to do a jam every week or at least a game every week just to try to get faster with my skills and learn more about what to prioritize over what.

I do like the idea you guys have where you made a template and use it as a starting point so some of the work is already done.

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