Question: Can I Make a Crashlands Guide?

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Can I make an app for Crashlands that's a guide. It'll be extremely detailed and well organize unlike all the other crashlands guide?????????? :bslogo: :bslogo: :bslogo: also it'll be totally free.

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Heck yeah GO FOR IT! If you have any doubts, just check the legal section of our site.

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Yet again another display of good game communities. (This is how we know :bslogo: made the right choice in losing a bit of money to be community oriented!)
As for the actual post, a legitimate and well made guide is always a plus. I've been playing Crashlands since its release just about, and I'm only just catching up with some of the lesser advertised mechanics. I'll just post this before I go way to off topic...then go post something in 'Off-Topic'.

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