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So, I was just wondering why I can't play Crashlands ControllerAlpha on Steam with my Mac when it says I have the current update of the controller support. I'm just confused because I have no problem playing with a controller on my PC. So, what's going on? Please and Thank You. :bslogo:

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There is a possibility that it isn't out for mac. You might want to check under the Betas tab. To get there right click (CMD + Click) Crashlands > Properties > Betas and give the drop down menu a click. In there you should see the controller alpha and the beta build. If one/neither are there it just means that it's not yet out for Mac users.

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Yeah maybe you're not in the Controller testing on your Mac, otherwise I thought I understood (from Adam on Discord) that the Controller alpha was only available on PC, but maybe I just misunderstood.

However, controller support will be on all platforms, and tested/working with PS2-like and Xbox-like controllers or something :)

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Probably @bscotchseth didn't make the Mac build yet. We tend to do most testing in one build to speed up development, though at this point we should probably have both our.

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Correct! We haven't put controller alpha into testing for Mac yet!

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