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Hi guys!! I am a long-converted butterscotcher and recently have taken to listening to your podcasts. I couldn't get the questions email to work on the website so have posted this here.

I am here because I was hoping to pick Carol's brains and expertise as I am part of a Dev team with a game we are about to soft-launch (with a hopeful global launch Q1 2017). We have no PR or marketing experience and I know that the launch window is pretty critical.

I was hoping to have a casual chat if possible with Carol (or anyone with advice really) via Skype or phone about what we should do re: Marketing. We can use all the help we can get and after listening to your podcast on how it is a potential bad idea to give revenue percentages to publishers that provide no services...we are getting requests and are a little scared...

You can find a little about our game at It hasn't been updated in a bit but that will change in the next day or two. I am an American from Sandpoint, ID based in Australia and my Dev partners are two South Koreans.

I can also send you a TestFlight build or Android build if you are interested in seeing more. I know you guys are busy but I love your games and attitudes. I hope we get the chance to meet.


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Your game looks great, and it seems like you're already getting a little bit of traction in the press. That's a good foundation.

I'm certainly happy to help provide guidance however I can, but it's important to remember there's no easy answer to selling your game -- it takes a lot of effort, and still might fall short of your expectations. That said, we should definitely chat about best practices and strategies. What's a good email to contact you?

You mentioned you couldn't get the contact form on the website to work -- can you let me know what browser you were using, and what happened when you tried to send the contact message?

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Hi Carol!! The best email to use is probably [REDACTED]. We can set up a method and time to talk. My preference would be Skype or phone.

As for the error, I tried to submit it and kept getting the error 'somehting went wrong' with the unhappy face button. I tried to send it on my IPad (so I assume Safari) and I also tried to send it on my Mac using Firefox. Maybe the message was too long or it didn't like the link?? We can talk about it. ;)
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@T_Montanna please note that Adam removed your mail adress, so maybe PM it to Carol here or somewhere else?
Just mentioning you to highlight it.

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