Is six years old too young to start programming?

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So my six-year-old really enjoys doing hands-on things and using Playgrounds on my iPad. Does anyone have any suggestions for a small next step for me teaching him other forms of simple programming (playgrounds is built on swift). I don't think it is too early for him to learn some of the thought processes behind programming right, but I don't want him to get frustrated and I'm not certain where to steer him next. Thanks for any suggestions!

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I think six is too young to learn programming in the traditional sense. But it's definitely not too young to learn some programming CONCEPTS!

There are quite a few games out there that are meant for teaching youngsters about the basics of programming. I can't remember their names off the top of my head (I don't have kids so I don't look into this stuff too often), but a quick Google search should get you there!

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Check out the board game Robot Turtles! ... B00HN2BXUY - I have personal experience with it and think it's great for teaching programming concepts at a young age.

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I'm part of a group that's trying to provide accessible coding education to our local community, so I've been on the lookout for resources for all ages \o/

Thought these were pretty cool:

Code with Pocky (Freaking tasty Japanese snacks)

Various other less edible programming toys:
* Cubetto
* Kibo

Swift Playgrounds: little older, Apple development

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When I was little, maybe 8-10, I forget, my parents got the household an Apple IIGS, and I took an interest in BASIC programming. My grandfather bought me a simple book on it, and in no time, I was having a great time. I'm new to the whole parenting thing, having no kids of my own, but engaged to marry into an 11 year old stepdaughter, so I don't know much, but I do know that if you don't force an interest, it's more likely to stay an interest. I kept at piano because I didn't have to. That's my two cents.

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I think Lightbot is amazing and it has a basic age 4-8 age grouping. Totally Accurate Logic Simulator.

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Scratch is a block based programming language, so instead of typing lines of code you drag blocks and snap them together and they run in sequence. I think it's the best thing.

It's aimed at kids a little older than 6, but I've seen 6 year olds use it. There is also a Scratch jr. which is for touch devices, but I've never actually used it. You would need to take the lead to learn some stuff to show them some things but they are all about making resources to learn.

I've been teaching Scratch to kids for about 5 years now and I've seen kids start really young and grow what they can do with it over the years. Just remember that at first they will probably latch onto a particular project and make it over and over again and that is a GREAT way to start. If you're there to try to answer questions and maybe show a new trick every once in a while, they'll slowly grow.

Oh, and the code ALWAYS runs. It might not do exactly what you wanted it to do, but you never get into the fail state where you have to fix a bug just to make your code run at all. I think that maybe 6 years old IS to young for Syntax errors.

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