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I just listened to the recent podcast and realized my question about HTML5 development wasn't super clear.

To provide some context, I came across a community of devs that focus on maximizing the quantity of games they're putting on HTML5/Flash game websites over the quality of the game itself.

These games tend to copy the mechanics of successful games that already exist in order to generate a more guaranteed source of ad revenue from the host sites. They're advertising this as a good business practice for aspiring devs and even selling books to teach them the best ways to go about this process. I was tempted to try something similar while I "hone my craft" but feel like I'd be selling myself short creatively.

My question was an attempt to get a sense of how developers feel about this practice or if it's something you even pay attention to. That being said, hearing it out loud made me realize it doesn't open up a very constructive dialogue.

Thanks for taking the time to read my question! I hope this cleared things up!
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Gotcha! This isn't just an HTML5 thing -- many developers do this on the mobile app stores as well. Clone an existing game, make it look a bit different, publish, repeat.

This is mostly a non-viable strategy, since it's super difficult to take market share away from existing apps, and it's hard to get visibility for game clones. If you own your own market (e.g. via a website) and have a large player base, pumping out content to them could work I suppose.

It's not likely to affect devs who are out making new stuff -- one of our major goals as a studio is to make games that are difficult to clone so that we can just ignore the riff-raff trying to copy us ;)

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Thanks for the response Adam.

I think they're targeting the HTML5 market due to the demand that's opened up now that Flash is no longer the mainstay. It also allows them to bypass the App stores and remain browser based on mobile devices.

I agree that it doesn't seem viable and shouldn't affect devs with an original roster of games under their belt.

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