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Hi I would love to make my own games and have purchased game maker studio 2 and I have downloaded Inkscape. If any one could direct me to some good tuts on both software that would be great!

also a few questions for the devs

1.how did u do all the animation for crashlands?
2.how did u learn game maker studio\inkscape?
3.how long did it take to get a prototype of crashlands?
4.should i use vector graphics or pixel art for my games?

Thanks! :bslogo:

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Sam has some Inkscape videos up on our YouTube channel!

1. Seth did it all programmatically.
2. An enormous amount of work ;). Unfortunately that really is the answer!
3. We had a prototype in a week, but it looks nothing like the final product. We prototype bits and pieces of game concepts at a time, so we don't really go from prototype to product -- we continue to build prototypes that we then improve, until suddenly our collection of prototypes is a publishable game.
4. There's no one answer for this -- it depends on your goals!

Good luck!

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