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Hey all!!

I posted on the forum a while back about marketing & branding (how much your brand/website matters). Three months in I thought I'd post an update & ask people's opinion on PR!

My website is up and I am regularly posting content in, as the development on my game progresses. My PR strategy so far:

- Every new blog entry on the website, I push to the reddit devblog.
- I'm on twitter & tumblr, which I use for casual posts. Debating on instagram too.
- I think it's too early to hassle press/youtubers, so leaving this for when the game is a better shape.
- Also debating putting an alpha on, and get feedback. That's for later when game is demo-able.

How does it work for me so far? Pushing posts on Reddit works - I get a spike in visitors when doing so. Not getting much luck with Tumblr, despite the fact the platform seems quite suited for game dev blogs (great to post text, pictures, videos etc).
Twitter works a tat better - getting some early following there! I'm trying to be a lot more active there, follow & like others. I'm starting to post on #screenshotsaturday weekly, and I hastag #indiedev #gamemaker like crazy.

Now, vox populi: does the above strategy seem palatable? How would you guys do it? Have any of you done it before / currently doing PR for a game?

Cheers all!

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