Fraudulent Google Play Purchase

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Some things to know before I continue;
1. I'm forgetful
2. Yes I do understand fraudulent purchases are against the terms of service
3. I have a rooted phone and apps to purchases things with from that
4. I actually wanted to buy the product and have the means to but forgot to terminate the app to purchase.

So yesterday I downloaded Quadrapus Rampage and started playing it and then wanted to purchase 100 doubloons. My phone is rooted and I had an app which allows me to purchase things through the app(Yes, I know this is against the terms of service) so I switch on to my other google play account. I wasn't logged on at the time to my BscotchID and tried purchasing the 100 doubloons. Being the fail that I am I forgot to stop the purchasing app and tried purchasing and was now marked as fraudulent. I logged in after and I received an email on the whole thing and It says that I can make an actual purchase and get the previous record erased. SO my question is does the purchase have to be made on the same game with the same BscotchID logged it or can it be on another game with the same account logged in?

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Any real purchase wipes your "fraud" record, meaning any consequences are removed. The record of the original transaction stays in the system but shouldn't lead to any problems. So you should be all good.

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