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Hi! I finally ended Crashlands on insane with all things done (perks, bosses, trinkets/gadgets, evolutions...) and now I'm doing all perks on the rest of the games. I have earned 3 perks that weren't visible: Heartless, Monocle Maniac and Missionary, which all reward "Unknown future reward". Are there one of those in each game?

Also in the avatar selection screen there are two avatars that I don't recognice: one is Bella attacking (row3, col4) and the other is an orange octopus (row3, col6).

Anyone knows something about this? My completism is itching.

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There are some hidden perks. Those that go to "unknown" are there for us to attach to future games!

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Mmmmmm may your games' pages show all the perks? I think so, I'll try to finish the ones I have left (Ouch potato!) and see then if I have all the avatar icons.

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Exciting. I actually enjoy the BScotch perks far more than my experiences with the Blizzard cross game perks. Cosmetics are okay but things that tangibly effect gameplay are superior (ie Mercy wings for Diablo characters vs a mission to get Tack's racket for a special attack in Crashlands). Back to the original topic: playing Quadropus Rampage, I have earned at least one of these mysterious perks. Looking forward to the unlocks that come with it!

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