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I forgot the password to my Bscotch ID and there was no way to reset it because the email address that was linked to it was shut down. I left it alone for a while since I never logged out of the account on the device I used.

I upgraded to a new iPhone and it didn't keep me logged in. I managed to transfer my save for Crashlands to a new account, but I can't restore my purchases (max upgrades Quadropus Rampage). I also couldn't keep my butter up status on any of those games. I buttered up again anyway to support the studio, but I would like to restore my purchases on the game I bought extra in.

Best case scenario is that I can change my email and password for my other Bscotch ID and just use that one, since all of my achievements/perks are on that one.

If that's not possible, is there a way to make the app restore purchases? iOS will say, "You've already purchased this item, would you like to get it for free?". If you select "Yes", it will say "purchase successful". The app will say "verifying purchase" and then do nothing.

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