Talk about Crashlands with your fellow players here! NOT for advice and help.
If you're new to forums, you should start here before posting. Especially if it's a bug report.

The goal is to walk through the Forum Rules by giving you some examples/details, mostly related to bug reports. Read those rules first! If submitting a bug report, also check the additional rules for bug reporting.

First, be sure to post in the correct forum.

In case of problem or bug, go to the dedicated Support Section. The "Butterscotch Games" section is not here for bug reports! It is dedicated to everything related to the game EXCEPT bug reports.

That's where all the problems belong as long as it's related to Butterscotch. (While they may be sympathetic, they don't deal with debts, enemies, broken hearts (though this last one may be caused by playing their games...)...

Name your topic properly

Please, oh please don't use "Problem" or "I've got a bug" or similar names. It just gets on the nerves of everyone. Not productive. At all. Your title should be a brief summary of the entire problem. If, for example, you want to talk about Pete's quotes you love, name your topic "Best Pete's quotes". The same goes for everything.

For bug reports: Use the pattern "[game name] Short_description"
Example: "[Roid Rage] Can't connect to my BscotchID"

If you are unsure, browse the proper forum and see what other people are doing!

Write your message and post it!

Write what you want/need to write, as long as it complies with the rules. Double check the grammar. Mistakes are fine, especially if you speak English as a second (or third (or fourth...)) language, but try very hard to make your writing understandable and clear. Also, try to keep your post easy to read. Don't write everything in a single bloc.

For bug reports:
Before posting a bug report, make sure your game is up-to-date and search the support forums, FAQ, and the status feed to see if your problem has already been posted or is being fixed!

Describe your bug precisely but concisely:
- Try to reproduce the problem. If you can't cause the problem on purpose, it's likely you don't have enough information for a useful bug report and the developers will also be unable to reproduce, find, and fix the problem!
- Explain exactly what happened: the button you clicked, the enemy you killed... The thing that is probably the root of the problem for you. If you can reproduce the problem, describe the steps the developers would need to take to also reproduce it.
- If you got an error message include a screenshot. Error messages are by far the most useful tool for fixing bugs, and may be sufficient for the developers to fix the problem even without reproducing it.
- Your OS (iOS/Android and version). Sometimes bugs are OS-specific, so this is important.
- Your device model. Many bugs are device-specific, and sadly many of those can't be fixed.
-Wait for someone to answer. The Bscotch Brothers and us moderators are pretty active, so just wait. It shouldn't be too long.

Fictive Example:
"Hello guys!
I tried to connect to my BscotchID on Roid Rage but it didn't work.
I checked my connection to the web and I'm on both phone data and Wifi.
I'm playing on an iPhone 5S on iOS 8.0.2.
Thanks in advance!"

Use and abuse of the "Edit" function!

This one is important. Please do not double or triple post (the act of replying to yourself). It is really annoying to other forum users. Here is something for you:
DO NOT hesitate to use the Edit button. It's your friend; poke as necessary! When your edit changes the post significantly, note that you have edited your post by putting an annotation at the top so that readers will know ahead of time what you've changed.

Fictive Example:
You posted your bug report (see the previous Example) but in fact you discovered that you didn't have any access to the web contrary to what you thought. No one has responded yet. The best option is to delete your post. If someone has responded, edit your first post, and maybe respond to the guy who answered to explain him/her the situation:

[edit] I wasn't connected to the web in fact. Sorry guys.
Hello guys!
I tried to connect to my BscotchID on Roid Rage but it didn't work.
I checked my connection to the web an I'm on both phone data and Wifi.
I'm playing on an iPhone 5S on iOS 8.0.2.

About Quoting

Don't quote if you don't have to. Just reply to the thread instead.
If you're replying to something several posts back then yeah, go ahead and quote.
Feel free to edit out 90% of the post you're quoting, just keep the sentence/s you're replying to so we understand what you're on about.

Do NOT quote the post right above you unless you want to highlight something really important. (especially if you made the previous post)

If you do all that, you're someone great!
Thanks for your attention!

- The moderators

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