[READ FIRST] Frequently Asked Questions about Crashlands!

Talk about Crashlands with your fellow players here! NOT for advice and help.
We get the same questions over and over again. They are as follows:

1. When is Crashlands coming out?
It's out right now! You can get it on Steam, iTunes and Google Play at the following locations
Steam: http://store.steampowered.com/app/391730/
iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/crashla ... 96431?mt=8
Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/deta ... crashlands

2. Do I have to buy a separate copy on PC and mobile?
Yep. Our agreements with the distributors (Steam, iTunes, Google Play) don't allow cross-platform purchases.

3. How much does it cost?
We want our players to be able to buy it on multiple platforms, so it'll be only $15usd on Steam and $5usd on mobile. Check your local store for how much of your own currency that converts to. We're not that worldly, sorry.

4. Will there be a free lite/demo version?

5. Will Crashlands work on my device?
Crashlands works on every device we Beta tested, however, if you purchase it and it doesn't work just let us know in the bug forum and we'll see what can be done about fixing it. If you get an "incompatible device" error do the same thing and we'll work it out. We've done our absolute best to make it available to everyone on every device we can think of, so just let us know if you have a unlisted device.

6. Does cross-platforminess mean I can use the same save on all devices?
Yep! Crashlands is the same game on mobile and PC and you'll be able to choose a few saves to store on the cloud. These saves will be accessible on any platform on which you own Crashlands.

7. Will new control schemes be added, like gamepad support, WASD movement, Kinect body position recognition, flight sim joysticks, arcade cabinets, voice commands, or telepathy?
We aren’t 100% opposed to ANY of those. Maybe 98%. We believe that Crashlands plays very well using the one-touch control scheme (+ hotkeys). Yes, it is technically possible to make those things work, but Crashlands’ gameplay is built around the current control scheme. It would take a lot of work to break away from the current setup, and that’s dev time we would rather spend adding cool new content and features.

8. Will Crashlands get multiplayer support?
Nope! It was designed as a story-based single-player experience, and as a small team, we would rather spend our time creating new games that are designed to have multiplayer, instead of shoehorning it into a game that wasn’t meant to have it!

9. Why can't I find [item]? This is missing! My game is bugged!
Firstly, it might not be missing, you might have just picked it up and not noticed, or you haven't got the recipe yet to be able to craft it, or it's... glitched. If you search around and you really can't find it, ask in the "Quest Help & Game Advice" forum, and our super-dooper members will do their best to help you.

10. Can't find [NPC], where'd they wander off too?
Well NPCs need union-mandated lunch breaks too, so maybe they're off getting a snack. Just wander around aimlessly for a while until they come back. If not, maybe they're not where you left them? Check your quest log to see if they've moved and wanted you to follow them. Failing that, ask in the "Quest Help & Game Advice" forum, somebody must have seen where they wandered off too. Pesky NPCs.

In the Chemworks where it's always been. You just have to get the actual recipe from Ramerl's quest, check your map for his main quest and location. He's just over there... a little further... a little more. There you go. Talk to him and he'll get you what you need. Good guy that Ramerl. Tell him we said hi.

12. How do I embiggen my [creature]?? Where's the thing that does the embiggening thing?
Chances are it's in a workstation, and needs a recipe and a handful of resources, which you then have to jam down your pet's throat. The recipes can be found the same way you find everything else, and the things you will need for it come from resource drops and tamed creature harvesting. If you can't find it yet, you haven't unlocked it. Keep looking, it's out there somewhere.

13. Where's the Oddly Shaped Crystal/Giant Fossilized Skull for the Legendary Weapon?
They're around somewhere, you just have to find them! Explore more, smash everything... particularly Dusk Crystals and Tartils. They're further out in the Savanah, but they have the parts you're after. Keep in mind these items are part of a LEGENDARY weapon. You have to prove yourself the greatest adventurer of Woanope first, then you get the goods.

14. Where do I get [Recipe]?
You drop some recipes randomly by breaking stuff, and the others by finishing quests. Any Progress Recipe is obtained through the Main Quest (save for that NITRO). All the non-required recipes are either obtained during Secondary Quests or by looting them.

15. I killed thousands of [Creature] but still don't have that [Component]

Before throwing a question into this forum, look for answers on our blog, the podcast, and the forum itself. There's a member driven "Quest Help & Game Advice" Section where you can get non-bug related guidance.
And keep in mind that the members here would prefer to discuss things with you than to see a bunch of Q&A directed at the devs!
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