Will there be a "cross buy" system?

Talk about Crashlands with your fellow players here! NOT for advice and help.
Good questions all around, @super_powerz.

We're not entirely certain on the price for Crashlands just yet. It's going to be a lower price on mobile than on Steam, to both fit the market appropriately and make it more reasonable for people to be able to afford the double purchase across the platforms. In our ideal situation everyone who buys it and loves it can pick it up on both platforms and enjoy it whenever they want.

Regarding discount capabilities, we won't be able to do that both because of distribution agreements and because of how the Pay Up Front model works - we don't have any information on who the purchaser is until after the purchase has been made!

I think @Fweebers is getting at something we've felt in the world of games from day one, which is that we do this work both because we love it and because we love creating a community around it. One of the weirdest things about working on the internet is that you don't ever get face time with people, time to really build a true rapport and some "community" style business bonding. I think it tends to make people value those businesses less because we, as creators and owners, are more effectively invisible than in other lines of work.


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Heck yes! Paaaaaaartaaaaaaaaaaaay. And no, seriously. I think you guys are doing it the right way. You're putting yourselves out there. You're not a faceless corporation, you're not (as much as I hate to say it because it'll sound wrong but) a brand name. You interact and care about your community (the players that already love your games -and- the ones that are just coming to know them), you embrace them all. You put yourselves out there through your blog, through your videos... you reply to tweets, and you reply to comments on facebook. You're more than willing to troubleshoot, and to guide people who are new not only at your games, but at game-making and all the things that come with that.

That's one of the reasons I hang around here so much, why I volunteered to be a mod, why I keep coming back. Even though I barely know you outside this forum; I'm not involved in your daily lives, and I don't talk to you face-to-face or over the phone, and I'm not the first person you turn to when you need help or advice... I still view you first and foremost as friends. This is the way that things SHOULD be done. This is the value that's been lost to corporate greed.

You honestly care about my opinion as you do all your "customers", and we genuinely care about you and what y'all go through (Sam's cancer is the best example of this ever, not "just a dude that makes games going through the ordeal and telling us about it afterwards"... we got updates as things progress, you created a WALL of messages for us to add too, and a genuine caring reaction to our concern).

I value this... I value Butterscotch Shenanigans more then, say, Mojang. I love Minecraft, don't get me wrong.... I play it endlessly until I get bored of it, leave it for a couple of days, then come back to it and try again. Doesn't mean that I have that connection to Notch or Jeb. Doesn't mean I want it either.

I don't view you guys as "Butterscotch Shenanigans", I view you as Seth, Sam and Adam. Simple as that.

I'm excited by Crashlands, and I'm happy to pay for each platform I play on, because I know that ultimately it shows my support in a way that feeds back into the community as much as it does into your pocket. It keeps you going, as much as it does "us" (community), it pays for bandwidth for my saved games, it pays for these forums to be up and running, it pays for the blog to keep me updated....

And I've said it before, and I'll say it again... the day I -have- money to throw at you, I -will- "invest" it in you. Without a second of hesitation because you're worth it. Honestly, I think you undervalue yourselves and your work, because I've heard you say before that what you do earn from doing this barely covers costs, and does not take into account your time and effort. I get it, I really do. Passion is an awesome thing to have, and I really hope that I'm doing my small part to keep you going and to nuture that passion into greatness (though personally I think you've already hit that point and are now excelling beyond it, and are just continuing on into space with Crashlands) and I'm honoured to have a small part in that.

And when the time comes, I'm throwing my wallet at you, and you will take my money and you will love it. Capiche?

Also, danganbbit, I got so worked up writing this that I'm crying because I feel so strongly about everything I said and more, and this doesn't adequetely convey how much everything means to me. There are no proper English words so... this will -have- to do.

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If I were a more thoughtful, caring, empathetic individual, the post I wrote would have come out more like Meakitty's.

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Well, you have a similar reflexion from Adam HERE

I don't know how I will be when I'm all grown up, living alone and stuff but I completely get your point, and I think that if I get to pay for a service, I'll pay the price upfront. Except if it smells like a swindle.
People always trying to negotiate are annoy me. Either you pay, or you try to find cheaper. Plus I think that people now get higher prices so they know they can cut 20% of the price without problem because they sell the thing to the double of the price...

Yet, I'm not exactly a role model either about this. I'm working on it though

I don't think it applies to indie games so much though.
I mean, I believe they tend to put the price they think is corresponding to the product (because if it's too high, people won't buy it). THEN they get f**ked with Steam sales and all :/

Aaaand Mea passed here before I finished writing...


I mean, I'm kinda happier to discuss with you and the community on the forums, even though I do know you "only" from the web rather than discussing with a lot of people around me. Because you are caring humans contrary to a lot of people. Even being separated by a screen and the whole web won't change that.
I mean, yeah I kind of consider you as my friends. Web-friends but friends before anything else. Great, awesome, crazy friends. Some kind of role-model/examples to follow too. People who I - we - can talk to/with, exchange with as much as we want...
It really feels like the most loving community on the internet, but also one of the most loving communities that exists in the world - if not the most.

Just keep in mind that I don't think anyone here can name a "company" of people making games that are half as caring, half as dedicated to their players. Even for small details, you always take time to answer. Even for suggestions, you always take the time to explain why you won't/didn't do it. You are always there for your players.

As Mea, I don't have hundredz of $ to throw at you right now, but I'll try my best to help you in as many ways I can until then.
That's why it felt like an honor and a pleasure to be moderator on the old forums (for the little use it had), that's why I'm moderator right now, that's why I KINDA HARASSED YOU WITH TRANSLATION STUFF TOO (yeah, might have been a pain in the ass about it, but it might/will help to get players).
You're my friends, you're living your dreams right now and for you I'll do the best as I can.

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That's the article I was looking for! Thank you @Ulnarevern!

And yes, the fact that the BS Bros are living their dream is something I was trying to say. You summed it up nicely right there, thank you.

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DAMN, GUYS... This thread really took a sentimental turn.

I love you guys.

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Off topic but it refers to the previous post of @MeaKitty (or maybe in topic since there are articles about this... Or maybe not)
I noticed for some obscure reasons that this page has every article and thing you can dream of (due to some kind of previous request somewhere on the forums).

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SO MUCH LOVE. Y'all are the best. <3

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I only can agree with everything said on this thread, I mean you are the greatest game developers that I know (And I think that would even hold true if you wouldn't be the only ones that I really know :D )

Hope I will be able to meet you some day, you're awesome people, doing awesome stuff and well just keep doing what you're doing :!: :!: :!:

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