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Will there be a "cross buy" system?

Talk about Crashlands with your fellow players here! NOT for advice and help.

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Ah yeah, the ol' forum shower. Classic!

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Is there any other way to shower?

I just registered today, and thank goodness I did... I have gone my whole life without showering up until this point!

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Personally, I prefer to bathe in the tears of my enemies. I'm finding Forn's tears rather.... invigorating.

Also, welcome to the forums and the world of BS within, @Jerosh. Pleasure to have you here. Feel free to write a little bit about yourself in the introduction thread.

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I want to say I have been reading this forum for like a month now do I have to too?

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Welcome here!
Well, it's up to you but it is always better to know each other :)

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