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It was so great to meet you guys at Indy PopCon and congratulations on being finalists in their Reboot Indie Game Awards! I'm bummed I couldn't play longer and am itching for more, but I'm so excited to now be introduced to all of your shenanigans ;) Do you have any plans visit and/or show Crashlands at any other events this year? Bit Bash Chicago (August 22nd) and PixelPop (St. Louis - Sept 12/13th) are the only (possible) regional events I'm aware of.

So how was your experience at Indy PopCon overall? It was their second year and I'm curious how it was for you from an exhibitor/developer view. Anyways, cheers! Here are a few pics: - My brother fits right in ha!

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Hey Amber!

It was great to meet you as well. You seem like a DAMNED FUN person to be around, so hopefully there's more of that in our future!

We won't be demoing Crashlands anywhere else until after launch, because we're coming up on a pretty crazy launch schedule. Our target is to have the game in beta by August 14th, because that's when Sam goes in for his next stem cell transplant, which will basically knock him out for 3 weeks. So while he's in the hospital, Adam and I will fix bugs and handle the beta, and hopefully have the game ready for launch by the time he gets out.

But that means we need to get the WHOLE STORY crammed in over the next 6 weeks (basically 2 weeks per biome), plus the campaign creator needs to be fully ready for public use.

We will definitely be at PixelPop though, probably giving a talk or two. Last year we gave a talk where we showed how a game gets made, by building a smash-bros style game piece by piece and explaining how it all fits together. It was fun!

So if you're around at PixelPop, look us up and we'll grab a beer! Or a smoothie, or a coffee. OR SOMETHING!

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Amber! We, too, were bummed. But not because we couldn't keep playing Crashlands (we get to play it AS MUCH AS WE WANT, bwahahahahahaha), instead because we couldn't take you up on the offer for beers :(. We love beers.

We'll be at PixelPop, since we (mostly) live in StL and it's run by our buds. We're looking into the BitBash thing, but that week we intend to be DEEP into the beta test. So we might not be able to afford the time.

We had a blast at the thing, mostly by getting to meet other devs and people like you. I'll be checking out your Twitch stream at some point (I've literally never watched a Twitch stream, so yours will be the first) and look forward to meeting you in a more relaxed atmosphere. Like PixelPop. Or a pub. Or both.

Thanks for taking those awesome pics. Your brother has given mine own something to strive for in SHEER PHYSICAL PROWESS. He needs to work on his beard, though.
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