Will there be game updates

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When the game is released to the public, will you continue to update the game and and new content ?

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From what I remember, from a looooooooooooong time ago (when Crashlands was supposed to be free to play), the game was supposed to be complete but they had planned to add some content.
Since then, a lot of things have changed! The game is now pay up-front, they added/tweaked A LOT of things and they also have many other projects to work on.

Basically, your best option to know is to wait until they finish their programming shenanigans for the beta (aimed for 14th August), and to ask the question to the Podcast section! :)

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Actually, from what they've said recently the game won't be updated with new content, unless it's bug-crash-fix content. HOWEVER, there will be a user-defined quest/campaign generator. Meaning we can all have a go at using the resources in Crashlands to make storylines of our own. That's kinda like new content, right?

Once all the bug fixes are done and Crashlands is off on it's own, they're moving on to fixing/finishing Narwhal Online for us to play. So we'll just have to see how things go.

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