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As of this moment:

1. Seth completed the last boss. Every single boss in the game (there are 10) is completely, 100% done!

2. Sam finished the sidequests for the Bawg. I finished the playthrough of the primary Bawg story/game. That means that story content for the Bawg is DONE.

3. Sam is finishing up a few random art assets for the Bawg, and working on a few cutscenes that we need.

4. I finished rewriting the primary Tundra story, and have started the playthrough.

5. Seth is now back to bugfixing and game tweaking, to deal with all the things I found during my Bawg playthrough and my ongoing Tundra playthrough.

SO HOLY CRAP things are in a good spot!

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This thread is no longer up-to-date (despite it's name). The current source of up-to-date info is our living pre-beta todo list on the blog: ... eline.html

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