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Am i the only one who review his email every hours to see if ive been selected for the beta!? :mrgreen: :lol:

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Probably a more efficient strategy would be to watch the forums/blog/Twitter for the announcement when the beta begins, and THEN start checking your mail ;)

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Ahh. That is a much better solution instead of jumping for joy every time I get a mail... and realizing it is only someone trying to give me money from Africa.

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I'll swap you for ny mail-order princesses from Nigeria with sick fathers and terrorists. But you can have their inheritance in exchange for asylum so there's that.

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Finally received my Crashlands email today! I'm freaking pumped. I love Roid Rampage and Flop Rocket. As well I will be playing it on multiple platforms if that's an option. :D

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That IS an option. And preferable!

But what about Quadropus Rampage!? Quodropi are an NPC race in Crashlands, after all.

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@rezn, welcome to our forums and congratulations! Is that only us two who received invitation? This silence here is suspicious.

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@tofos me to!
But indeed it's very silent here.

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I received it as well and am also confused by the lack of excited posts.

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I'm in! Which was some of the best news from today. So let's start this excited post-ness.......WOOOOOOOHOOOOOOO!!!!! It's ridiculously awesome to look at my email now and then and still see there's a beta invite in there :D

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