Will there be Steam Bundles?

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2-pack of Crashlands - $25.
4-pack of Crashlands - $50.
I know it's not multiplayer and that makes no sense but I want to buy 4 copies and give 3 to friends (who never heard of you). I just like the feeling of getting a discount... don't judge me! Anyway, what are the odds of getting bundle deals?
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I don't think this is even technically possible, even if Bscotch Brothers wanted to :/

For now, their game is on sale on the Humble Store and I've never heard about discounts on buying the same game multiple times, neither on the Humble store nor on Steam.

But one of the brothers might have a correct answer and say that I'm wrong :)

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Steam does have those bundled N-pack options, but as @Dontinquire that is almost exclusive to mulitplayer games. We probably won't do it because otherwise people will expect the game to be multiplayer when it isn't!

Love the enthusiasm though ;)

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