In the beta, but can't access the beta forum!

Talk about Crashlands with your fellow players here! NOT for advice and help.
@bscotchAdam - you probably assume wrongly.

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I mean from what I've seen our testers range from the minimum age 13 - 40(s). The common sense won't be there for some but there for others. Some will want to share how awesome the game or how cool it is they are a private beta tester w/out realizing the severity of the situation should they give info away prematurely. @MeaKitty @bscotchAdam

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True, but we've got lovely people like you to police it :D. One of our testers alerted me to some leaking gameplay video last night, which the author didn't even realize he'd made public. So it was an easy fix but I would never have noticed without the alert testers who are trying to keep this thing safe!

Pretty amazing and humbling to see.

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By the way, do you have anything against random strangers in the tram / non gamer girls from the class looking at my screen while I play?
There's pretty much no chance of anyone knowing what it is, so even less chance of a leak.
But I'm still playing in a tram on a 14" display, so I think it's worth mentioning.

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Nope! Not a big deal. It only becomes an issue if you post something on a platform where potentially a LOT of people will stumble across it. Imgur, youtube, etc... In-person is no big deal.

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Btw, if the Beta is still up the 10th of December, I shall wear the hoodie while playing - if I have any classes left :D

Also, sorry for the OT

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