Crashlands launching January 21st!

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To get all the perks, in every game i make a purchase ?

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If you buy BUTTERUP on all games you can unlock all the perks, if you buy BUTTERUP for one game you can only achieve perks in that game. (Plus the perks have some special things things to them like in rood rage an flop rocket, or avatars.)

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Buttering Up ONE game lets you play the full game and have much more fun (which is hard, but possible for Butterscotch Brothers!)

Buttering Up more than one game lets you play the full games AND get to use the Perks. You have to be Buttered Up in both games to get the benefits of the perks you've unlocked :)

Also, we already have that covered here (and probably in other places too): viewtopic.php?f=47&t=3645&p=6759&hilit=butter+up#p6759

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:D i just cant wait lol ....
Ive been trough mega shit to change my christmas gift, the santa wasnt happy but with a cup of milk and a clap on the ass i said to him ill be waiting for crashlands
And ask instead of it i wanted a ken barbie to make my own atar of scrifice for a god i dont believe in :lol:

Have fun testing
I hope everything goes well

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I... I have no idea what you just said, but yes.

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