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So far I understand from the trailer and other videos that Crashlands has a point and click movement scheme, and assigned keys for different actions and equipment.

Will players be able to change how the controls work, such as using arrow keys instead of the mouse, or assigning new keys on the keyboard as shortcuts to equipment?

If not, has there been any consideration or debate as to wether or not different/custom controls can be implemented?

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Walking around and interacting with things (attacking/harvesting) is mouse/touch only, as any other system (e.g. keyboard or controller) would required an entirely different control scheme. If things go really well with the initial launch we may build that control scheme, so that we can get Crashlands on consoles etc.

The hotkeys can be changed from what we've set.

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There are some ways around this on Androids, PC, and Jailbroken iPhones. I'd need to look into more, I haven't needed to patch controls for PC in a couple months and the software I used is a bit outdated now. Not to mention I'd need to look into the game files and see just how they programmed the controls. But if you were still interested at that time I could help while they work on it :)

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