Early Access/Beta?

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Is there a way to get into the game 4 days before it comes out like the youtubers? If so please reply :D

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Nope, sorry! Beta is over, and we're only giving early access to press. But we're SO CLOSE to actual launch!

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Dang it I'm so impatient and this game looks amazing ;(

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I was surprised that i couldn't pre-order it on steam

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It was pre-orderable last summer for some time (through an Humble store plugin-thing) but the bros stopped it because they want to concentrate themselves on the launch rather than spreading a few preorders over the time if I recall correctly :)

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Indeed! A big part of the game's visibility on launch day is dictated by launch day sales. Preorders count against those sales, so we wanted to make sure we had the biggest splash possible on launch day.

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