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The wiki is'nt in such a great condition actually. Most articles only 2 sentences long :(

If you are interested in story you'll find a load of informations there, but if it comes to mechanics like Damage Calculation or the new possibilities due to juicemancy you won't find much helpfull articles. Maybe I'll try to add some informations I know...

Maybe it is usefull for crashlands to have a filter like on platinum god for the binding of isaac afterbirth ?
Just like tipping <bacon> and baconweed apeares - and every other thing with bacon in its name. tipping on the picture will reveal where you can get it.
But i don't have a part of a plan how to build such a site.

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We thought we'd leave it up to the community to make that kind of site, which is why the Wiki exists, but we didn't have enough players to get that big of a dataset put together! We may have to build our own at some point.

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One question about the megagong.

I've seen on reddit (long time ago), that the damage is random. Now I've seen this... - So every Megagong has a Damage Stat of 33,898 DPS ?

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Did you guys changed the dropbox kit?

Why my wats are smaller than the ones, which are already on the wiki?

€dit: I added the brown / the grand-type wats today.

€dit²: dunno wattim done last time... it should be correct on the archive, too. Also I contacted BScotch to add the new weapons & stuff for the wiki...

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