Crashlands Manual and Background

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We wrote up a Manual for Crashlands! It gives you some context for the game, tells you the backstory, and gives some pro-tips for when you first start to play. CHECK IT: ... anual.html

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After reading the background and lore I'm requesting another Hardik game. You guys get two weeks off then back to work!


Thank you Adam, Sam, and Seth for Crashlands. It is a wonderful game. Thank you also for letting a bunch of us be a part of it in any way we could. Congratulations on the official release!

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One of our favorite parts of childhood was driving to the CompUSA 60 miles away from home (in Des Moines, IA) and scouring the 2 rows of PC games for our next buy.

So true! I recall going to EggHead in San Francisco which was not as far away as I lived in the city but it was an adventure to see what new games came out and I loved reading the instruction manual which is a long lost art and so part of the game experience from yester-years.

I still recall a completely different gaming fever John Madden Football on the Apple computer and it came with a game manual and an offense and defense playbook with what I believe was 40 plays each which my fraternity adopted in the mid-90's for intramural football.

Congrats with your game and thanks for the manual.

I'm going to purchase your fake shortly for the iOS.

Congrats with combating cancer and sharing your story!

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Unbeknownst to Lord Hardik, Forn’s second-in-command, Pete, had been sent to search the seas of Woanope for sentient life to dominate. Pete was successful in mind-controlling almost all of the sea creatures he came across, eventually building a massive army numbering in the hundreds of thousands.

By this time, the bureau of science and shipping had got so fed with naming life forms on unsuccessful missions to Woanope they just thought, "UGH, there's more in the SEA? Whatever, let's just name them after the Earth sea creatures they somehow extremely coincidentally resemble."

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Nailed it!

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I didn't realize I needed this until I read it. Reminds me of picking up Age of Wonders as a kid and combing through page after page of lore. I probably read that guide more than I played the actual game.

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