[CRASHLANDS] Known Bugs and their Fixes - Master List

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Hey everyone!
I know you want to play the game and that bugs are frustrating, but please mind the mods and read this ;)
This is the list of known bugs and how to fix them - if there's a known fix. Please don't make a new topic about those problems

Please note that we have dedicated subforums (Crashlands only) for those matters!
And other subforums for more general matters

Known bugs with fixes:

- Steam Crash On Launch: Username accents Problem ; Steam Beta Test (direct link here)

- "Unable to get a valid license" Bug: here

- "Could not retrieve campaign information" Bug:here and here and another possible fix here

- Any crashes without an error message on mobile: probably ran out of RAM. Close all other apps (actually close them!) or reboot your device. Typically crashes after the heads on the splash screen, or when you open the map, since this is when a lot of things get loaded into RAM.

Known bugs without fixes YET:

Please help if you can! ;)

- Steam Crash On Launch: here (try the known fixes before please)

- Crashlands BscotchID Login problems here (be aware that the servers are overloaded, so try to log in a few times first)

That should be all for now!
I'll try to make a comprehensive version later!

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