[Sticky] Fix for BSID Log-in Not Working

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[EDIT by BscotchAdam: I found a potential workaround on our side. Try logging in again and let me know if it now works (or doesn't) in this thread.]

Alright I am going to preface this by saying that doing this WILL DELETE ANY SAVE FILE YOU HAVE STARTED ON PC. If you started a mobile game and logged into bsid on there you will be safe, but any local file you created while waiting for a fix will be erased by following this method. Adam is currently working on an official way to do this without the nasty side effects.

How To (With Video!):

    1) There are two ways to do this the fastest way is to do as follows use your computer's search function to search "%appdata%"

    2) Navigate back one page to your appdata folder and go to local
    3) Go to your Crashlands folder

    4) DELETE EVERYTHING in that folder (make sure not a single file survives the mass purging also just a note I am not in possession of the game so your files WILL be diffrent!)

    5) Run Crashlands & Enjoy

If you did not understand the instructions above I have made a short video walk-through here: https://youtu.be/FfQCutMUc0s I hope this helps guys!

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