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[Closed] Crashlands OST Giveaway!

Talk about Crashlands with your fellow players here! NOT for advice and help.
Hey all,

Thanks for the warm reception of the music/sounds we made for the game. It's been damn fun to watch people Embiggen for the first time :lol: . Anywho, we're giving away 10 Bandcamp download codes for the OST, and all you gotta do is reply to this thread and comment with what your favorite song is from the game. We'll randomly select 10 folks in 5 days, so make sure to reply to enter!

UPDATE: We've got winners! For those listed below, check your private messages in 1 hour and there should be a Bandcamp code. Note - some of these winners are through private messages and not comments, as commenting on threads was disabled a little bit ago. They got added into the pool along with the others for fairness :).


P.S. in case you haven't visited the Bandcamp page to take a listen:
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Reason: Added a "Closed" in the title. Kept it as sticky because it's good to remember that FatBard also deserves money for their awesome work:)

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My favorite song is when you're fishing!

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For me, the Savannah soundtrack is incredibly soothing and sticks in my head when I walk away.


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Why do you even need to ask. I have a story to tell you this story will give you your answer. So this story revolves my friend Brad. Brad was always a very shy kind of kid. He never really did much other than stay home and play CSGO. Even in school Brad only talked to me and a few other people. Namely this girl Amanda. Now Amanda is a bombshell babe. She is a solid 10/10 while we're at it Brad isn't bad looking either just shy. So he likes Amanda and it's obvious that Amanda likes him to, but Brad doesn't see it. After talking to Amanda about this problem we come up with the perfect plan to break Brad of his shyness. You see the following week I was throwing a party and that would be the place to rid Brad of his shyness. Now Brad loves music as much as he loves CSGO. So I figured I'd tell him I was having a party then after him and I could LAN together and stream some CSGO. Here is where the plan kicks into action. I gave him a flash drive two days before the party (well I mailed it to him and said "In case of emergency use me") Now on this drive was the cure to brad's shyness. Flash forward to the party. Brad is sitting awkwardly in the corner. Amanda and I are chatting about the plan (I know what you're thinking brad is going to be upset, but see I have known Amanda since Pre-K plus I already have a girlfriend so I am off the market). The party is poping like it is legit. Everyone is dancing around drinking their... soda, and playing Apple Juice pong. Now was the time to strike. I set my laptop to power off after about an hour and a half after the party started. The music cuts out and everyone is standing there pissed, but Brad brad knows what to do. Brad doesn't want to see me go down in flames for a failed party like this. He walks up grabs the Aux cord and plugs it into his laptop with his emergency thumb drive in it. He clicks the only file in there UseMe.mp3 and out of the speakers comes the dopest tune anyone in that house had ever heard. The tune of the Embiggening. People didn't know how to react the song was just too good. Too amazing, too... Dope. Brad was hailed as a hero everyone was shouting his name. This filled him with confidence, he walked over to Amanda and said "Hey girl" and gave her the most amazing kiss of her life. Brad and Amanda are still together happily. Me? I am found around the Bscotch forums chatting away retelling the story of Brad and Amanda. So now you see why I questioned your asking of what is our favorite song. For Embiggen is the most dope tune ever to grace man kind.

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I have to pick a favorite?! AHHHH

I'm torn between the main theme and the Polari theme as my favorite. Sometimes I'll just launch the game/hang out in a Polari area to just listen to the music.

EDIT: I'm out of the giveaway. I bought them for $10.
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This is awesome, thank you so much for doing this! I love the game. My favorite song is Build Bossa. Definitely has an awesome beat. Thank you once again!

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Savannah Suite has my top pick. Soothing and relaxing - perfect for working.

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Jpesky wow...that's a damn awesome story. Yeah that song makes any situation baller lol. The Polari theme is one of my favorites too, we made it during the Narwhal Online jam. It's a chill and extended version of the main theme from that. Keep em coming folks!

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Definitely has to be the main theme for me, it really sticks in my head :)

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EMBIGGENED definitely, I was staring at my womlord dancing for almost a minute haha

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