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I just couldnt hold it when evolving a companion the first time and laughed for 5 minutes xD
All the soundtracks are great that I heard so far (End of Savannah) but the "Its so big" theme is just hilarious xD

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The main theme, Crashlands! Build Bossa is a close second, but I've been humming the main theme for a whole week now. So epic :)

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I love the night time music. I've taken several naps just so I could listen to it repeatedly.

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I love the main song so much! The one at the title screen!!

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The loading screen music... What d'ya call that? It's ironic that loading screens are the most hated part if the game BUT because of that music, it made me wanna make the loading screen to be of long duration. :P

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@LucasR ..... HELL TO THE YES. Okay new rules, the top 10 best Embiggen videos will win the giveaway. Okay maybe not JK, but if you wanna do it go for it lol.

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The embiggen track is going to be my new alarm to wake up with every morning... once I can get a hold of the album hehehehe

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Well I guess it seems the next game will have to be all dubstep :). This is actualy only the second time we've even attempted it. The first was a cover of Jolly Roger Bay from Mario 64:


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Fatbard quick question what kind of program so you guys use for making your music?!

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