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Clear quest objectives

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This game's quest system is rather frustrating in my opinion. There are no clear objectives. Sometimes you have to decipher what exactly you're supposed to do from the text wall of speech bubbles. Not only that, most of the time you have no idea where that NPC is. It's not marked anywhere on the map. So basically we're supposed to memorize where each NPC lives? Even worse, sometimes the NPC isn't even on the same map as the one you're playing. For example in the quest "dirty tricks", all the quest description says is "go tell Oon to keep his beak sharp"... seriously? Who is "Oon"? Where is he? We're all psychics and supposed to somehow know his whereabouts?

Can we have a more concise quest screen?
- Bullet points on objectives. Make it clear. "Get 5 pieces of rotten cheese for NPC A" or "Go visit Blob in area ABC". The light-toned dialogue is fine, but if you have no idea wtf you're supposed to do then it just gets in the way of gameplay. What in the world does "hoover up Siranix" mean? I actually had to google what "hoover up" means because apparently it's slang for "deconstruct". If you had added a bullet point at the bottom that says "pick up all constructs at Siranix", problem solved
- Mark where the NPC is with a ! or ? on the map. The world is huge. Having to teleport to every single landmark in order to find a certain NPC is not fun, it's annoying

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The short answer is no. The game intends you to read it's dialogue and figure it out on your own instead of just giving you a task list allowing you to mindlessly do quest to quest. In order to do the quests you need to read what is being said, not just skip them. The quests give you a location (marked on your map with a huge circle might I add) most of the time. Ulna made amazing points (WHICH HE DECIDED TO POST AS I WAS WRITING THIS) up above. If you want the bros official statement I have left it below :)

"We have thought about this a lot, and here is the reason why: Our questing system is designed around the failures of WoW’s quest system over time. In the beginning it was all based on text and context. Then they added the tracker that summarized the quest that just said “Kill king 0/1” making the text obsolete. Changing the story and the depth to the game to just a task list. It kills the story. Your quest comes from you having a conversation with the NPC not a task list." - Bscotch

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Hey I was nice and warned you!

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"Patience is a virtue." :lol:

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I dont know if this is new, but on the map, you can see which NPCs are offering new texts ...
Or was i dreaming?

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That's a new feature that wasn't there when the OP posted!

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