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While Crashlands has already been released we do have some opt in betas on steam, google play, and on Apple Test Flight. Now don't get too far ahead of yourself here and jump right in on the early beta update train because with great power comes great responsibility. As an update tester you must know these two very important things One) You are signing up acknowledging that your save could break Two) You are going to have to fill out some things. As a tester you are going to be responsible for filling out some nifty little feedback reports as you play. These reports will mainly pertain to bugs and balancing issues of what you are testing. That bold part is very important. The feedback button is going to only be for issues in the version you are testing only. Not quest problems, not Voma OP, only beta issues and things listed in the patch notes for the patch you are testing (Link to notes: http://bit.ly/1Rfbtps). With all that being said check out Adam's post here on how to leave good feedback! (http://bit.ly/24iYFp1)

With all that being said I bet you are wondering how to get in on this sweet beta action! Wait no further your answer is here!

Android: Join the Bscotch Early Access Google+ Group (bit.ly/1SZ7TDm) and wait for announcements to slap you in the eyes!

iOS: Download the Testflight app, and send us your Testflight info using this form! (http://bit.ly/1QsHJbK) (Note: Testflight gives us limited space, so we may not get everyone added.)

Steam: Simply right-click Crashlands in your games library, go to "Properties," and go to the "Betas" tab. In there, select the "Unstable" option from the dropdown. When we put out the patch for testing, it will auto-update for you.

As always have fun!

If you're interested in becoming a Beta tester for future games make sure you have a decent forum presence, join the Butterscotch Google Group, and sign up for the Newsletter to be notified of future beta requests. They put out a form on their site for you to sign up on, and will announce it in the newsletter before anything else, before opening it up to to forums.

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For the latest on where things are and how to get access to the beta versions, refer to the subreddit thread:

https://www.reddit.com/r/crashlands/com ... tant_info/

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